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When I was in college, I worked in a coffee shop. This was slightly odd because I do not like to drink coffee.

I can go as far as coffee ice cream or a java frappuccino but any other form of coffee is too strong for me.

However, work in a coffee shop I did and I grew to love the smell of coffee (with the exception of when I was pregnant; couldn’t stand the smell of it then).

When I made this face mask, I fell in love with the smell. Slathering this mask on my face is like stepping into a lovely coffee shop.

Chocolate, coffee, and coconut, what’s not to love about that combination?

This mask isn’t all about the wonderful aroma however. This face mask has benefits and lots of them! Here’s the break down on what the ingredients will do for your skin.



Coffee is full of caffeine. Caffeine is a favorite ingredient in many anti-aging products because it helps tighten skin, reduces redness, reduces puffiness, and even helps with under eye circles (check out my caffeine gel eye pads for that!). It’s even said to help with cellulite so you might want to give it a try on other parts of your body!


Chocolate is full of antioxidants which are great for keeping your skin youthful and healthy. It’s also great for making skin soft and smooth.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk helps hydrate skin keeping it smooth and soft. Because of it’s amazing hydrating properties, it is wonderful on dry skin.

Now that you know why I’ve used these ingredients, let’s talk about how to make this wonderful face mask.

Chocolate, coffee, and coconut, what's not to love about that combination? This mask isn't all about the wonderful aroma however. This coconut mocha face mask has benefits and lots of them!  #facemask #coffee #mocha #caffeine #naturalskincare #greenbeauty

Coconut Mocha Face Mask

1 tbs cocoa powder
1 tbs coffee grounds (fresh will give you the most caffeine benefits but used coffee grounds works fine too)
2-3 tbs coconut milk (use the real stuff. Not the carton coconut milk; use homemade or canned coconut milk.)

Mix all ingredients together.
Once the face mask is thoroughly mixed, apply to a clean face.
Allow mask to remain on your face for 15-20 minutes.
Carefully wash off face with warm water and washcloth.

I love being able to create my own face products with ingredients I have at home! How about you? Are there certain beauty products that you just love to make yourself?