I’m Brittany and I’m so glad you are here! Wanting the best for my children, I started on this journey of becoming green and crunchy. I now realize that not only do they need a safe home but that I do also. Curious about why this blog is named: The Pistachio Project? My husband came up with it… pistachios are green and they are crunchy… thus a great name for a blog that focuses on all things green and crunchy!

Going Natural

Month by Month

Learn how to go natural without getting overwhelmed! With this guide, you’ll make the switch to a natural lifestyle month by month.

DIY Natural Hand Sanitizer

I'll be completely honest and say that I've not really used hand sanitizer ever... ok there was a few times in my life but it's never been something I carry around or that I slather on my kids hands. Mostly because I'm lazy and cheap but there are a few other reasons...

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Apple Pie Popcorn

Are you a fan of popcorn? I am! Seriously, I keep popcorn kernels in what most people would deem their sugar canister. Popcorn is my favorite meal... umm I mean snack! I'll eat it with butter and salt, I'll eat cheese popcorn, caramel corn, I'll eat it with balsamic...

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Apple Pie Smoothie

I've been wanting to try this apple pie smoothie for some time now but it wasn't until this week that I took the plunge. The weather shifted to hinting of fall and suddenly I was ready for all things autumn! The great thing about this smoothie is that while it has...

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Elderberry Syrup Plus

Elderberry syrup is the one natural herb and immunity booster that is an absolutely must-have in my home (now we are upgrading to elderberry syrup plus but first let me explain about elderberry syrup.) Elderberry Syrup works amazingly well. In fact, studies have...

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Chai Spice Sugar Scrub

I remember my family getting those tetra packs of chai drinks and thinking they were crazy. I had no desire to drink that stuff. As I grew older, I remember trying a chai at a coffee shop and I was not impressed. In recent years, I've tried out chai tea, just the chai...

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12 Must Have Natural Remedies

In the world of natural remedies, there are many, many options! You will find hundreds of remedies and essential products out there. It's nice that there are so many options but when there are that many, you often feel overwhelmed and don't know what are the must...

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