I’m Brittany and I’m so glad you are here! Wanting the best for my children, I started on this journey of becoming green and crunchy. I now realize that not only do they need a safe home but that I do also. Curious about why this blog is named: The Pistachio Project? My husband came up with it… pistachios are green and they are crunchy… thus a great name for a blog that focuses on all things green and crunchy!

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DIY Chai Spice Liquid Soap

I've been making my own liquid soap for years now. It's incredibly easy to make your own liquid soap from a bar of soap and it saves tons of money! I can save $26 on 64 oz of soap if I make my own this way! Does it turn out just like liquid soap that I could buy in...

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Over 80 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

One of the hardest holidays can be Thanksgiving if you are trying to eat healthy. The classic Thanksgiving dishes that we've all grown up with are generally not all that great for you. If you are like me then you likely grew up eating stuffing from boxes, cranberry...

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Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Sage Brown Butter

Over the last few years, our family has added in a few new holiday favorite dishes. We've started including sugar free cranberry sauce and homemade stove top stuffing. However, there's a new favorite in town now... When Thanksgiving comes around, the one dish my kids...

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How to Survive Cold and Flu Season

If you are anything like me you try to avoid getting sick as much as possible. If you have kids then that goal is all the more desired because if one kid goes down then odds are good that the others will follow and next thing you know you are stuck in a cycle of kids...

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Sugar Free Cranberry Sauce

Everyone has that one dish that they are in charge of making for holiday get-togethers. On Thanksgiving, I am in charge of the cranberry sauce. The last time I made it, I made it the usual way: in other words, with a ton of sugar. This year, as we have gotten...

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Homemade Cough Drops and Cough Drop Lollipops

Fall is officially here and with it came the beginning of my family’s cold season. Sigh. I was hoping we wouldn’t get sick quite so soon. However, with kids and multiple kid-filled events per week it was bound to happen. There is one advantage to getting sick so early...

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