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Make your own caffeine gel eye pads at home! These ones contain caffeine which is amazing at waking up your eyes, & reducing dark circles.

If you are like me, you’ve likely seen those rubbery face masks and gel eye pads all over your beauty feeds.

They look a bit crazy but they are the latest crazy in the beauty world.

As I mentioned, I’ve been seeing them pop up for the last year or so and I finally decided to give in and try out some caffeine gel eye pads.

Notice I didn’t say buy caffeine gel eye pads!

Oh no, I wasn’t going to drop a pretty penny on something I could make!

It took a bit of thinking but I’ve finally concocted a recipe for my very own diy caffeine gel eye pads!

Caffeine Gel Eye Pads

These beauties have just two ingredients and you can make them in a flash!

If you are dealing with tired eyes, puffy eyes, dark circles these caffeine gel eye pads are for you!

They are simple to make with just two ingredients but those two ingredients are just the thing your poor eyes need! Let’s take a look at those two ingredients.


Coffee as we are all well aware of is full of caffeine.

Now while you might be loading up on your caffeine by way of your morning cup of Joe… you might want to think about applying it to your face!

I’ve talked about the face benefits of coffee before in my Coconut Mocha Face Mask post.

Caffeine is a eye product favorite. Many of the popular creams for tired eyes contain caffeine.

It can help tighten skin (bye bye puffy eyes), reduce redness (what red skin?) and miraculously can help with those under eye circles (who says I didn’t sleep last night?)


Now gelatin will give you the most benefits if you actually consume it (which is why love adding it to everything from soups to smoothies) but you can also get some facial benefits by topically applying gelatin!

Gelatin can help tighten loose skin. It’s also full of collagen which is amazing and is basically the building block for your skin.

I’ve hear that the collagen is too large to be absorbed by our skin making it likely to not do much if applied topically but I’ve definitely noticed that my skin seems to really enjoy having gelatin applied to it. In any case, gelatin is a great way to get that caffeine to our eyes.

Caffeine Gel Eye Pads - Make your own gel eye pads at home! These ones contain caffeine which is amazing at waking up your eyes, reducing dark circles, and diminishing red, puffy eyes. #caffeine #eyepads #diyskincare #puffyeyes #darkcircles #greenbeauty

Caffeine Gel Eye Pads

2 Tbs freshly brewed and still hot coffee
1 Tbs gelatin
parchment paper (or silicone mat)

Draw your eye pad pattern onto parchment paper (If using silicone mat then you will just have to “wing it”)
Set parchment paper aside.
Add gelatin to still hot coffee. Stir until dissolved.
Caffeine Gel Eye Pads
Pour gelatin mixture over your parchment paper trying to contain the mixture to the area of your pad patterns. Roughly a 2×4″ area.
Caffeine Gel Eye Pads
Allow mixture to cool and set. This will take about an hour.
Cut your eye pads out using your drawn pattern.
If you are using a silicone mat, peel the gelatin off first and then cut into desired shape (slight arches).
Caffeine Gel Eye Pads
You now have caffeine gel eye pads!

To use:
Place one eye pad under each eye and leave on for 15-30 minutes (I’ve been known to leave mine on for an hour or more; they feel that good!)

To store:
Unfortunately, I have yet to come up with a good storage solution. You could try storing your eye pads in a ziplock bag with air pressed out or plastic wrap but other than those options, I do not seen a way to keep your eye pads from drying out.

Due to the fact that these eye pads can dry out, I recommend making and using them on the same day.