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Lavender is known for its relaxing properties but did you know that there’s a lot more to lavender than just sleep remedies? From skincare, to remedies, to crafts, to food…here are 70+ ways to use lavender!

When it comes to herbs there are so many ways to use lavender! Lavender is such a multi-talented herb!

It’s very often included in skincare care products and even remedies… and these days it’s so trendy that you’ll find it in many foods and drinks! 

What Are the Benefits of Lavender?

Lavender is known for its calming and relaxing properties but it has more to offer!

Did you know that lavender is an anti-inflammatory? It is! So not only can it calm your mind but it can calm and soothe your skin too!

It is also known to be anti-fungal which makes it a great additive to remedies. 

How to Harvest Lavender

As far as I know, we usually use lavender dried. This is primarily because it’s much easer to remove all he flower buds from the stem once it has been dried and it gives the lavender (and its products) a much longer shelf life.

With that said, here is how to harvest your own lavender.
I like to cut my lavender while they are still in bud form (before the flowers themselves have opened). Closed buds keep their scent and color longer!

Cut your stems so that you leave at least two sets of leaves on the green part of the stem so that it can continue growing.


How to Dry Lavender

Place the stems of lavender into a vase (or tie together and hang upside down). Allow the stems to dry for a couple weeks, then your buds should easily come off.

You can easily remove all the buds from the stems by carefully shaking the lavender in a bag or gently rubbing the lavender buds into a bowl. Store in an air tight container. 

This post just contains recipes on how to use the flowers, but did you know you can use lavender leaves? Check out these uses for lavender leaves.

If you do not have access to fresh lavender or you simply do not have the time to harvest your own, you can simply buy dried lavender!

Lavender Essential Oil
Many of the recipes below use lavender buds but you’ll also find ones that use just lavender essential oil (and in some cases you can swap out the herb for a few drops of essential oil).

Ready to start making all things lavender? 
Scroll down for over 70 ways to use lavender! You’ll find skincare tutorials that use lavender, natural remedies that harness the power of lavender, food recipes and even lavender beverages! 

Ways to Use Lavender

70+ Ways to Use Lavender

Relaxing Lavender Sugar Scrub

Lavender in Skincare

Lavender Sugar Scrub – The Pistachio Project (pictured)
Soothing Lavender Chamomile Face Mask – The Pistachio Project
Lavender Vinegar Hair Rinse – The Pistachio Project
Simple Lavender Lip Scrub – Life-N-Reflection
Smoothing Lavender Salt Bars – Life-N-Reflection
Anti-Frizz Spray – Life-N-Reflection
Lavender Bath Melts – Modern Homestead Mama
Lavender Shea Body Butter – The Nerdy Farm Wife
Lavender Cleansing Grains – The Nerdy Farm Wife
Calming Honey Lavender Body Wash – Nurtured Homes
Vanilla Lavender Lip Balm – Grow Forage Cook Ferment
Lavender Deodorant – Six Dollar Family
Lavender Shower Steamers – A Life Adjacent 
Lavender Cleansing Balm – A Life Adjacent
Lavender Bath Bombs – Mama Instincts 
Lavender Lotion Bars – Happy-Mothering
Easy Lavender Goat Milk Soap – Living Well Mom

Soothing Lavender Calendula Oatmeal Bath

Lavender Remedies

Lavender Calendula Oat Bath – The Pistachio Project (pictured)
Lavender Diaper Cream – The Pistachio Project
Sunburn Relief Cream – The Pistachio Project
Lavender Aromatherapy Rice Bag – The Pistachio Project
DIY Bug Bite Relief Roll-On – The Pistachio Project
Sleep Tight Bath Salts – Life-N-Reflection
Lavender Sleep Oil – Nurtured Homes
Lavender Body Balm – Lovely Greens
Lavender Lemon Foot Soak – Farm Girl Inspirations
Calendula Lavender Salve – Happy-Mothering
Headache Salve – Joybilee Farms

Lavender Sachets

Lavender in the Home

Herbal Moth Repellant Sachets – Homespun Seasonal Living
DIY Lavender Laundry Soap – Scratch Mommy
Lavender Dryer Bags – Garden Therapy
Lavender Lemon Glass Cleaner – A Life Adjacent
Lavender Air Freshener Jars – A Life Adjacent
Lemongrass & Lavender Cleaning Wipes – Mama Instincts
Citrus and Lavender Toilet Fizzies – A Cultivated Nest
Rosemary Lavender Wax Melts – Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry
Lavender Carpet Powder – Modern Homestead Mama

Lavender cookies

Foods That Include Lavender

Lemon+Lavender Shortbread Cookies – Grow Forage Cook Ferment
Lavender & Lemon Balm Popsicles – Grow Forage Cook Ferment
Lavender Honey – Studio Botanica
Lavender Blackberry Swirl Ice Cream (Paleo, Keto, AIP) – Eat Beautiful 
Lavender Preserved Lemons – Homespun Seasonal Living
Blueberry Lavender Jam – Lovely Greens
Lavender Jelly – Howling Duck Ranch
Lemon Zest, Rosemary, & Lavender Chicken Breasts – Eat Something Sexy
Lavender Honey Roasted Chicken – The Gilded Fork
Roasted Fennel with Lavender & Honey Marinade – The Gilded Fork
Honey Lavender Caramels – The Gilded Fork
Lemon Lavender Marscapone Cheesecake – Aberdeen’s Kitchen
Lavender Honey Ice Cream – Broken Oven Baking
Honey Lavender Scones – The Yellow Butterfly
Airy Lavender Meringues – The Artisan Life
Honey Lavender Butter – Chasing Daisies
Lavender Honey Cake – A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

Lavender tea

Beverages That Include Lavender

Lavender Simple Syrup – Garden Therapy
Lavender Lemonade – Studio Botanica
Stevia Sweetended Lavender Lemonade – Traditional Cooking School 
Lavender Blueberry Switchel – Eat Beautiful 
Lavender White Hot Chocolate (Keto, Paleo) – Eat Beautiful
Lemony Lavender Mint Tea – Homespun Seasonal Living
Lavender Infused Coffee – Nurtured Homes
Lavender Vanilla Latte – Elli Hurst
Iced Lavender Latte – Chasing Daisies
Lavender Matcha Latte – Living Well Mom
Lavender Blueberry Moon Milk – My Tiny Laguna Kitchen

wreath made with lavender

Lavender Crafts

Lavender Wreath – Garden Therapy
Pressed-Flower Mason Jar Candles – Life-N-Reflection
Lavender Travel Candles – Life-N-Reflection
Homemade Lavender Sachets – Oh The Things We’ll Make
Calming Lavender Playdough – Crafts on the Sea
Lavender Wands – Colorful Crafts

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