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We are all familiar with this iconic and romanic flower. The rose is known for its beauty and lovely scent. But did you know that there’s a lot more to roses than just bouquets?

Whether you have a bouquet of roses that is loosing its luster or you want to remove some roses from a rose bush or you just bought a bag of dried rose petals and you’ve no idea how to use them… this post has so many great ways to use roses that you’ll find a solution to your abundant rose supply.

dried rose petals

How to Dry Rose Petals

There are a few recipes below that allow fresh rose petals but for the most part, these recipes require dried rose petals as they help the product have a longer shelf life.

With that in mind, here is how to dry your own rose petals.
Gather pesticide-free rose petals and wash them clean. Pat dry.
Spread petals on baking sheet at cook in the oven at 200 degrees and bake until crisp.
Store in an air tight container until ready to use.

You can also dry your rose petals in a dehydrator instead of an oven. Just spread them out on dehydrator trays and dry for a few hours on low heat.

If you do not have access to fresh rose petals or you just don’t have the time, then you can simply buy dried rose petals!

Benefits of Roses

Besides smelling wonderful and looking pretty, roses are actually anti-inflammatory so they can help soothe your skin. Roses are also great at moisturizing your skin. Of course, the scent of roses can also help you relax and uplift your mood so they have therapeutic benefits as well!

Ready to start making all things rose?

Scroll down for over 50+  ways to use roses! You’ll find skincare tutorials that use rose petals, natural remedies, food recipes that include roses, and rose beverages!

Ways to Use Roses

50 Ways To Use Roses

Rose Cardamom Bath Salts

How To Use Roses in Skincare

Rose Sugar Scrub – The Pistachio Project
Cardamom Rose Bath Bombs – The Pistachio Project
Cardamom Rose Bath Salts – The Pistachio Project (pictured)
How to Make Rose Soap – Simply Beyond Herbs
Old Fashioned Rose Soap – Lovely Greens
Rose Petal Vinegar for Skin & Hair – A Life Adjacent
DIY Rose Oil – Simply Beyond Herbs
Milk Bath With Dried Rose Petals – Suburbia Unwrapped
DIY Rose Water Facial Toner – Turning Back The Clock
Plumping Rose Petal Lip Mask – A Life Adjacent
Radiant Rose Facial Mask – Nitty Gritty Life
Rose Face Cream – The Natural DIY
Rose Infused Witch Hazel Face Wipes – Hello Glow
Rose Aloe Vera Toner – Womanatics
Rose Petal Body Cream – Lovely Greens
Rose Lip Balm – Modern Homestead Mama
Chocolate And Roses Tub Tea – A Life Adjacent
Rose Vanilla Lip Balm – No Fuss Natural

dried rose petals

Remedies That Use Roses

Herbal Grief Tea – The Herbal Academy
Heart Strengthening Rose Tea – Growing Up Herbal
Aloe Rose Skin Soothing Gel – The Nerdy Farm Wife
Rose, Plantain, & Yarrow Itch Remedy – The Nerdy Farm Wife 
Rose Petal Salve – The Nerdy Farm Wife
Rose Oxymel – The Nerdy Farm Wife 
Rose Petal Peppermint Drops – The Nerdy Farm Wife
Rose Glycerite – Studio Botanica
Calming Marshmallow Rose Tea – Mountain Rose Herbs


How To Make Food And Drinks With Roses

Rose Petal Dark Chocolate Bark – Simply Beyond Herbs (pictured)
Rose Infused Honey – The Herbal Academy
Rose Petal Ice Cubes – No Fuss Natural
Rose Petal Jelly – Nitty Gritty Life
Rose Infused Cheesecake – Growing Up Herbal
White Chocolate And Rose Coconut Bark – Growing Up Herbal
Rose Petal and Rhodiola Lollipops – The Herbal Academy
Rose and Berry Sun Tea – Mountain Rose Herbs
Rose Lassi – My Ginger Garlic Kitchen
Rose Petal Granola – Quitoketo
Rose Petal Jam – Feasting At Home
Cucumber and Rose Petal Yoghurt – Food and Travel
Gluten-Free Russian Pancakes with Rose & Kefir – At The Immigrant’s Table

Using Roses in Craft Projects

Using Roses in Craft Projects

Dried Flower Candles – FloraQueen
Rose Eucalyptus Simmering Potpourri – Get Green Be Well
DIY Wax Sachets Air Fresheners – Get Green Be Well
DIY Rose & Lavender Sachet – Simple Nature Decor
Rose Petal Butterflies (great for kids) – Red Ted Art
DIY Rose Beads – Whatever Brings You Joy
Dried Rose Petal Monogram Art – Crafting Chicks
DIY Pressed Flower Tray – The House That Lars Built
Rose Petal Notebook – Craft Bits
Rose Petal Garland – B4 and Afters

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