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Don’t get angry at the dandelions in your yard! Dandelions are more than just weeds! Dandelions are quite beneficial and here are 50+ ways to use dandelion!

It’s springtime and that’s when all the dandelions start popping up. You may be under then belief that dandelions are weeds that are simply a disgrace to your yard…but you’d be wrong!

Dandelions are quite beneficial and there are so many ways to use dandelion! In fact there are over 50+ ways to use dandelion!

What Are Dandelions?

Ok, I’ll be impressed if you are actually asking this question as dandelions are found pretty much everywhere! These bright yellow flowers are often found in fields and yards.

Dandelion is actually from the french “dent-de-lion” which translates to lion’s tooth. Which may seem like an odd name until you look closely at dandelion leaves. Dandelion leaves have jagged, toothlike edges.

Dandelions consist of the flowers, leaves, and roots (just like all flowers) but each of these parts can actually be used for medicinal benefits! Dandelions are a multi-use plant!

herbal tea

What Are the Benefits of Dandelion?

We’ve already covered that dandelions are so much more than weeds and that they are overlooked medicinal plants! But why?

What is so amazing about dandelions that there are over 50+ ways to use dandelion?

High in Nutrients

Dandelions are high in vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin A, C, K and potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and calcium).

This may not see too shocking if you think about the fact that dandelion greens are used in salads all the time… it’s really just the weedy version of spinach.


Dandelion is wonderful at helping your body detoxify and helps support a healthy liver. 

Dandelion is Beneficial for your Skin

Dandelion has been shown to be good for your skin thanks to its magnesium, zinc, and vitamin content.

Ease Joint Pain and Soothe Muscles

Dandelion is also helpful for dealing with inflammation and its mild analgesic properties are an added bonus for helping dial down painful joints and muscles. 

Can Help Regulate Blood Sugar

Studies are showing that dandelion can help regulate blood sugar which can be good news for those watching their blood sugar levels.

Helps With Digestion

You can read all about the specifics on how this works in this post but the short of it is that dandelion (mainly the root and leaves) can help get things moving in your body.

How to Use Dandelion (Roots, Leaves, Flowers)

Who Should Avoid Dandelion?

Generally speaking dandelion is safe for most people. However, just like with anything, if it causes an allergic reaction then definitely do not continue using it!

People who are sensitive to the Asteraceae family may also be sensitive to dandelion.

It is also not recommended to use dandelion if you are on diuretics or antibiotics.

It’s also recommenced to consult with your doctor before taking supplements if you are on medication, nursing, or pregnant. 

How To Forage for Dandelions

You can harvest dandelion pretty much anywhere. The only real concern is to avoid harvesting dandelions that might have been sprayed with herbicides.

For those wanting some more details on how to actually harvest you can read these posts on how to forage for dandelions and how to forage for dandelion root.

Ready to start making all things dandelion?
Scroll down for over 50+  ways to use dandelion!

You’ll find skincare tutorials that use dandelion, natural remedies, food recipes both sweet and savory, and dandelion beverages!

50+ ways to use dandelion

50+ Ways To Use Dandelion (Roots, Leaves, Flowers)

diy dandelion sugar scrub
How to Use Dandelion in Skincare

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Dandelion Cough Syrup

How to Use Dandelion as Remedies
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Dandelion Pesto

Savory Foods That Use Dandelion
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How to Use Dandelion (Roots, Leaves, Flowers)
Sweet Foods That Use Dandelion
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dandelion tea

Beverages That Use Dandelion
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