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I’ve been making my own liquid soap for years now. It’s incredibly easy to make your own liquid soap from a bar of soap and it saves tons of money! I can save $26 on 64 oz of soap if I make my own this way!

Does it turn out just like liquid soap that I could buy in stores? No, it does not but I’m ok with a slightly different consistency if I can save so much money and the soap still does it’s job!

Now I’ve been making plain Jane liquid soap the whole time and that can get boring. I could just buy scented soaps and work with that to make scented liquid soap but that would also mean that I’d have to commit to 64 oz of that scent and 64 oz can last me awhile.

If I chose a neutral soap to make my liquid soap with then I can take a bit out and scent it as we use it. So the soap that gets used as shower gel can be one scent, while the hand soap can be another…. all while just making one batch of soap.

What’s the first scent that I’ve decided to make? Chai spice! Why chai spice? Well because it’s awesome and currently it’s “basically” fall.

In case, you’ve not realized it I love all things chai spice! I’ve got a chai spice sugar scrub  and a chai spice smoothie and you can bet that won’t be the last thing I make with this lovely spice blend!

DIY Chai Spice Liquid Soap

Two Ways To Scent DIY Chai Spice Liquid Soap

Most DIY scented products use essential oils. Essential oils are definitely a favorite of mine and they work great for making skincare products smells amazing because they are so strong! But not everyone has essential oils or they don’t want to buy hundreds of varieties.

So for those without essential oils, I’ve also included a non-essential oil version! Instead, the soap is scented with spices… you know actual chai spice!

If you opt for the spice version, you should know that it will not smell as strong as the essential oil version however, it does turn the soap a nice shade of spice brown which makes it a bit more festive than the off white color that the essential oil version would be.

DIY Chai Spice Liquid Soap

DIY Chai Spice Liquid Soap

8 oz of homemade liquid soap

For Essential Oil Version:
(see note below) 
6 drops cardamom essential oil
4 drops cassia bark essential oil
4 drops clove essential oil
2 drops ginger essential oil

For Spice Version:
1/2 tsp ground cardamom
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp ground cloves
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
1/4 tsp ground ginger

Mix together 8oz of  liquid soap with the scent option ingredients.
After you’ve mixed well transfer to soap container of choice.
If you want to make more than 8oz of this DIY chai spice liquid soap than just double or triple your ingredients.

If using essential oils, remember to always make sure to use essential oils safely.! Cassia bark won’t bother the skin once mixed into the soap but it will burn if it touches skin undiluted.