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It should come as no surprise that I have a thing for sugar scrubs. I’ve got quite a few sugar scrub recipes on the blog already (lemon sugar scrub, coffee sugar scrub, charcoal sugar scrub…) and I’ve even put together an epic list of 52 natural sugar scrubs so that you could have a new sugar scrub each week of the year!

So yes, I’m a sugar scrub addict… I’ve got THREE sitting in my bathroom as of this moment! Some might think that’s obsessive (and it probably is) but hey, I’ve got variety and they all cost me pennies to make! Which is one of the reasons why I love sugar scrubs!

Sugar scrubs are one of the most affordable diy skincare products you can make. As I said, they literally cost pennies to make.

Another reason to love them is that you probably already have all the ingredients to make them! Okay, you might need to pick up some of the fun ingredients but you are bound to have sugar and oil in the house!

Sugar scrubs also make great diy gifts! They are also great last minute gifts since you make them in seconds! They are definitely one of my favorite gifts to give (and receive)!

Today’s sugar scrub is a hibiscus sugar scrub! Sounds exotic doesn’t? You might already know that hibiscus is one of my favorite herbs to use in skincare. I have a hibiscus and clay face mask and a hibiscus vinegar hair rinse so you can see that it’s a favorite skincare ingredient for me.


Skincare Benefits of Hibiscus

Besides providing a very pretty color, hibiscus also has some great skincare benefits! Hibiscus is packed with vitamin C which might make you think it’s just good for keeping you healthy but as it turns out our skin loves vitamin C as well!

Vitamin C can help support your skin by strengthening it and protecting it from UV damage. It’s also supposed to be helpful fighting acne and hyper-pigmentation.

If you are steering clear of botox like I do but wish there was a natural alternative then use hibiscus! Did you know that hibiscus is nicknamed the “botox plant”? Hibiscus has antioxidant properties that can help with aging and improve the elasticity of your skin.

About Hibiscus Powder

This hibiscus sugar scrub uses hibiscus powder. I didn’t want to use whole or even chopped hibiscus because I feared that would be too abrasive and rough so I chose to use hibiscus powder. You can buy it in powder form but you can also just make it yourself!

How To Make Hibiscus Powder

Place dry hibiscus flowers into a coffee grinder and process until you have a nice fine powder. Homemade hibiscus powder might not be as fine of a powder as the store bought version but it still works well in this skincare recipe.

Hibiscus Sugar Scrub

Hibiscus Sugar Scrub

1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup coconut oil – melted
1 tsp hibiscus powder

Mix all ingredients in a bowl.
Transfer mixture to a container of your choice (I love these jars).
To use, gentle massage over your skin and rinse off.