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DIY sugar scrubs are incredibly easy to make and you likely already have the ingredients to make them! Here are 52 DIY natural sugar scrubs for you to make! That’s one for each week of the year!

Sugar scrubs have got to be the most simple yet satisfying natural skincare products you can make. It’s just sugar and oil plus a few fun add-ins!

Ingredients that I’m sure to have and since they take literally seconds to make I can make them just before I get in the shower or when I need a last minute gift for a friend.

Now I could make a plain Jane sugar scrub and be happy with it but sometimes I get bored or sometimes I want a specific sugar scrub for a gift.

Why settle for a plain Jane sugar scrub when you could have so much more?!
That’s where these 52 DIY natural sugar scrubs come in!

With 52 unique sugar scrubs, you could make a new scrub each week for a full year! A whole year of sugar scrubs!

Listed below you will find fruity sugar scrubs, herbal sugar scrubs, sugar scrubs that are extra moisturizing, seasonal sugar scrubs, and more! Enjoy them yourself or make a bunch for your friends.

52 DIY Natural Sugar Scrubs

52 DIY Natural Sugar Scrubs

hibiscus sugar scrub

Floral Sugar Scrubs

Hibiscus Sugar Scrub (pictured)- The Pistachio Project
Lavender Sugar Scrub – The Pistachio Project
Rose Sugar Scrub – The Pistachio Project
Calendula Sugar Scrub – Homespun Seasonal Living
Honey Chamomile Sugar Scrub – The Natural Beauty Workshop
Floral Body Scrub – Keeper of the Home
Dandelion Sugar Scrub – The Pistachio Project

rosemary mint sugar scrub

Herbal Sugar Scrubs

Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub (pictured) – A Life Adjacent
Pineapple Sage Scrub – The Nerdy Farm Wife
Green Tea Sugar Scrub – Savy Naturalista
Deep Cleaning Activated Charcoal Scrub – The Pistachio Project
Lemongrass & Ginger Scrub – Garden Therapy
Turmeric Body Scrub – Girl From Arabia
Eucalyptus Sugar Scrub – The Frugal Farm Wife
Antioxidant-Rich Spirulina Scrub – Wildly Organic
Gardener’s Homemade Sugar Scrub – Full of Days

Skin Brightening Sugar Scrub

Citrus Sugar Scrubs

Skin Brightening Lemon Sugar Scrub (pictured) – The Pistachio Project
Exfoliating Grapefruit Poppy Seed Scrub – Life-N-Reflection
Lemon-Lime Sugar Scrub – No Fuss Natural
Mandarin Sugar Scrub – Live Love Texas
Lemon Basil Sugar Scrub – Hybrid Rasta Mama
Vanilla Orange Mint Scrub – Finding Zest

cranberry sugar scrub

Good Enough To Eat Sugar Scrubs

Cucumber Mint Body Scrub – Life-N-Reflection
Honey Chia Sugar Scrub – The Natural Beauty Workshop
Toasted Coconut Sugar Scrub – The Natural Beauty Workshop
Pomegranate Sugar Scrub – This Mama Loves
Blueberry Sugar Scrub – Simply Stacie
Cranberry Sugar Scrub (pictured) – Simply Stacie
Strawberry Sugar Scrub – Wildly Organic
Sage & Blackberry Sugar Scrub – Suburbia Unwrapped
Mango Body Scrub – A Fashionable Housewife

Chai Spice Sugar Scrub

Fall Sugar Scrubs

Chai Spice Sugar Scrub (pictured) – The Pistachio Project
Apple Cinnamon Sugar Scrub – Simply Shellie
Cinnamon Spice Body Scrub – No Fuss Natural
Pumpkin Spice Latte Sugar Scrub – Hopeful Holistic
Pumpkin Body Scrub – ThePennyWiseMama
Oatmeal Cookie Scrub – A Mom’s Take

gingerbread sugar scrub

Winter Sugar Scrubs

Gingerbread Sugar Scrub (pictured) – The Pistachio Project
Vanilla Sugar Scrub – The Pistachio Project
Peppermint Candy Cane Sugar Scrub – The Pistachio Project
Eggnog Sugar Scrub – The Pistachio Project
Renewing Pine Sugar Scrub – The Pistachio Project 

Skin Firming Coffee Scrub

Coffee Sugar Scrubs

Skin Firming Coffee Scrub (pictured) – The Pistachio Project
Hazelnut Coffee Body Scrub – Life-N-Reflection
Coffee, Cacao, & Peppermint Scrub – The Rising Spoon
Coffee and Sugar Scrub – Creative Green Living
Vanilla Latte Body Scrub – Body Unburdened

kokum sugar scurb

Ultra Moisturizing Sugar Scrubs

Shea and Vanilla Sugar Scrub – No Fuss Natural
Kokum Butter Sugar Scrub (pictured) – Pronounce Skincare
Hydrating Winter Body Scrub – Scratch Mommy
Moisturizing Vanilla Whipped Scrub – Wildly Organic
Easy Emulsified Sugar Scrub – Oh, The Things We’ll Make

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