I love a good bath, don’t you? I rarely will leave the house for “alone time” (I’m an introvert, what can I say?) but I do enjoy taking a bath and getting “away” even if it’s only one door separating me from my kids and chores. A plain Jane bath is great but when I want to kick things up a notch and really indulge, these rose cardamom bath salts are what I reach for.

Of course, if you aren’t the bath type (or you don’t have a bath…) then you can use these bath salts for a foot soak. Your toes will never be more pampered.

Now you can buy dried rose petals (which is what I did) but if you have access to roses (or you have a bouquet that’s starting to dye) then you can dry the petals and use them in these bath salts! Hooray for free skincare ingredients!


Roses are probably the epitome of femininity and pampering but they are more than just pretty. Roses are anti-inflammatory which means they can help soothe skin. Roses are also a great moisturizer. Therapeutically, roses will help you relax and uplight your mood; just what you are looking for when taking a soak in the tub.


Cardamom is a wonderfully aromatic spice that has skin benefits as well. Cardamom is anti-aging and great for fighting acne. It’s also a natural skin toner.

Epsom Salts

Well known for their muscle relaxing properties, epsom salts are key to a good relaxing bath. Epsom salts will ease stress and help you relax. Epsom salts also help your body detox by flushing out toxins from your body.

Relax your troubles away with these rose cardamom bath salts. Floral with just a touch of spice, these diy bath salts will turn your plane Jane bath into an indulgence. Makes a quick gift as well!

Rose Cardamom Bath Salts

1 cup epsom salts
1/2 cup rose petals
1 tsp ground cardamom

Mix all ingredients together.
Pour into a jar and store in a cool, dry place.

To Use: 
Pour 1-2 cups of the bath salts into the hot water of your tub.

If you prefer to not have petals floating about, place bath salts into a muslin bag, mesh sachet, or even tied up cheesecloth.
Rose bath salts in bag

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