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Are you ready for possibly the neatest DIY’s out there? DIY Herbal Bath Confetti! Oh yeah!! I used to use bath confetti as a kid/teen and then I totally forgot that it was even a thing.

I probably forgot all about it because bath bombs became all the rage but more likely because I started cutting out skincare products that have questionable ingredients…

Not that there’s much in bath confetti. 

DIY Bath Confetti

What Is Bath Confetti?

Bath confetti is dissolvable paper that you can sprinkle into your bath.

Sometimes the bath confetti is made out of actual soap, sometimes it’s a bit on the package peanut side of things, but most of the time it’s colored dissolvable paper that serves pretty much no purpose other than something fun to put in your bath.

As I was recently remembering bath confetti and I now have girls of my own who would just love to take a bath in confetti, I set out to make my own.

As it turns out, there are NO tutorials for the paper version of diy bath confetti on the internet! None! I was pretty shocked about that actually. In this world, it’s rare to find something “new”!

I knew I needed paper (dissolvable paper) and soap… I thought about making my own paper (basically it’s a rice starch paste that is allowed to dry) but I didn’t want to be that DIY and then I remembered seeing this video of DIY soap paper (made ideally for camping trips)!

Paper cut up into tiny pieces equals confetti so soap paper cut up into tiny pieces equals bath confetti!

Now like I mentioned, bath confetti is often artificially dyed and scented and I didn’t want that! But I didn’t want just white bath confetti…. so I turned to herbs!

It’s pretty hard or possibly impossible to dye liquid soap by just sticking herbs in it… plus I didn’t want to wait that long, so we shorten the process by using herb powder or in some cases spices. Super easy and you likely have at least some of these herbs and spices in your pantry already!

Do you remember bath confetti? Now you can make your own! This DIY Herbal Bath Confetti is fun to make and to use! Plus it's all natural! So much fun and makes a great gift too! #bathconfetti #bath #herbal #diy #greenbeauty #diygifts

DIY Herbal Bath Confetti

Dissolving paper (1 sheet gave me about 1/2 cup of confetti)
Liquid castile soap
Herb & spice powders (see below for ideas)


In small bowls, mix a couple tablespoons of liquid castile soap with a pinch or two of herb/spice powder.
(sorry these are not precise measurements but the good thing is it doesn’t need precision!)

I like to cut sheets into smaller pieces (2×3″or 5×5″) that way I can do a few colors without making tons of herbal bath confetti.

DIY Herbal Bath Confetti
Paint your paper sheets with the herb/spice soap. Paint both the front and back side. You only need a thin coat!
Place soap paper onto a cooling rack to dry. It will take a few hours to fully dry.

DIY Herbal Bath Confetti
Once dry, cut paper into confetti sized pieces (you could also use a hole bunch for fun shapes!)

Herb/Spice Ideas
(some of these might seem like they are labeled wrong but the castile soap reacts with some herbs and changes the color. They are labeled correctly, I promise.)

Red – Beet Root Powder, Turmeric
Orange – Paprika,
Yellow – Ginger
Green – Spirulina, Matcha
Blue – Hibiscus
Brown – Cinnamon, Coffee
Black – Activated Charcoal