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I was so excited when I came up with my DIY Herbal Bath Confetti tutorial. I mean it’s the easiest DIY ever and it’s such a fun thing to make!

Not to mention that there were no tutorials out there for natural bath confetti like this! (How is that even possible?)

I knew as I was making it (in late November) that it would make a great holiday gift which meant, I quickly brought out my supplies and started making these DIY Christmas Bath Confetti. It was the only logical thing to do!

Like I mentioned, DIY bath confetti is very easy to make. All you really need is paper (the dissolvable paper kind), soap, and natural dye (this version uses pre-made natural dyes but if you want to dye with herbs then check out my herbal bath confetti!).

You “paint” the paper, let dry, and then punch out fun holiday shapes! I used stars because that was the hole punch I had on hand but you could do Christmas trees, snowflakes, gingerbread men, etc.

This is such an easy and affordable gift to make. You’ll want to make it for the kids’ stocking stuffers, for all your bath fanatic friends… the mail man… okay maybe not the mail man.

Seriously though, who wouldn’t love bath confetti for Christmas. Not to mention bath confetti that is free from artificial dyes and fake fragrances!

DIY Christmas Bath Confetti! Who knew you could make your own bath confetti! This makes such a great (and easy) holiday gift! No artificial dyes, no fake fragrances! #bath #bathconfetti #christmas #diygift #diy #christmasgift #greenbeauty

DIY Christmas Bath Confetti

Dissolving paper (1 sheet gave me about 1/2 cup of confetti)
Liquid castile soap
Natural dyes


In small bowls, mix a couple tablespoons of liquid castile soap with a drop or two of natural dye.
(I did one drop for my confetti so you can see how light that dries)

I like to cut sheets into smaller pieces so that I can do a few colors without making a ton of one confetti color.

DIY Christmas Bath Confetti

Paint your paper sheets with the dyed soap. Paint both sides. You only need a thin coat.
Place the soap paper onto a cooling rack to dry. It will take a few hours before it’s fully dry.

DIY Christmas Bath Confetti

Once dry, use your hole punch of choice to cut out paper confetti.

Store in a jar and you are done!