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I can’t believe that my family will soon be starting our seventh year of homeschooling! It’s amazing to me that I’m getting to be more in the seasoned homeschooler category and out of the newbie homeschooler category. Didn’t we just start this journey? I’m even more shocked that this will be the first year that I will have a middle schooler!

One important part of getting everything ready for homeschooling is choosing the curriculum. Obviously you need to know what books you will be using when teaching.

Every year, we seem to change our curriculum a little bit (at least for my oldest two children as they are my homeschool guinea pigs.) Usually, it means that we are just adding in a few more subjects or beefing up areas that seemed to be lacking the previous year. This is of course, on of the wonderful things about homeschooling; we can change anything to best help our kids learn!

For those of you who are curious as to how we afford all our curriculum, you’ll want to check out my post on saving money on curriculum!

I seem to average about $100/kid in school curriculum each year. Some years are lighter if we didn’t change curriculum or I don’t have too many consumable curriculum books to buy. Other years, it might be a bit more than that if I’m having to buy a more expensive curriculum (Rosetta stone, I’m taking about you!) or we need a laptop!

Homeschool Curriculum – Preschool to 7th Grade

(Note: My boys are only a grade apart so the younger one actually does the same grade of history, science, bible, and reading as his brother.) 



I do not do too much for preschool, however the year before my kids begin Kindergarten, I do like to help prep them just a bit. You can read all about it in my post explaining my preschool techniques.

We use a Big Kindergarten Activity workbook. Yes, we use Kindergarten even though they’re in preschool… the preschool version is just too easy.

Phonics: Progressive Phonics Alphabetti books


Bible: The Gospel Story Bible
Math: Singapore Primary Mathematics 1A & 1B US Edition
History & Literature: Sonlight Core A
Phonics/Reading/Writing: Progressive Phonics Beginner and Intermediate Books

1st Grade

Bible: The Jesus Story Bible
Math: Singapore Primary Mathematics 2A & 2B US Edition
History & Literature:Heart of Dakota’s Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory
Science: God’s Wonderful Works
Phonics/Reading/Writing: Progressive Phonics Advance Books and Heart of Dakota’s Emerging Readers

2nd Grade

Bible – The Awesome Book of Bible Facts
Math: Singapore Primary Mathematics 3A & 3B US Edition
Science: Exploring God’s Creation
History & Literature: Sonlight’s Core C
Reading: Sonlight’s 3rd Grade Readers
Grammar: Easy Grammar 2
Vocabulary/Spelling: Wordly Wise 3
Spelling: Fry’s Word List for 2nd Grade
Latin: Song School Latin 1

3rd Grade

Bible – Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing
Math: Singapore Primary Mathematics 4A & 4B US Edition
Science: Christian Kids Explore Biology
History & Literature: Sonlight’s Core D
Reading: Sonlight’s 4rd Grade Readers
Grammar: Easy Grammar 3 (may want to switch to Growing with Grammar)
Vocabulary: Wordly Wise 4
Spelling: Fry’s Word List for 3rd Grade
Cursive: New American Cursive 1

4th Grade

Math: Saxon 54
History & Literature: Sonlight’s Core E 
Reading: Sonlight’s Core E Readers
Grammar: Easy Grammar 4 (may want to switch to Growing with Grammar)
Vocabulary: Wordly Wise 5
Spelling: Fry’s Word List for 4th Grade
Cursive: New American Cursive 3

5th Grade

Bible: Case for Kids
Math: Saxon 65
Science: Christian Kids Explore Physics
History & Literature: Sonlight’s Core F
Reading: Sonlight’s Core F Readers
Grammar: Growing with Grammar 5
Vocabulary: Wordly Wise 6
Spelling: Fry’s Word List for 5th Grade
Critical Thinking: Building Thinking Skills Level 2

6th Grade

Bible: Sonlight’s Core G 
Math: Saxon 87
Science:Christian Kids Explore Creation Science
History & Literature: Sonlight’s Core G 
Reading: Sonlight’s Core G Readers
Grammar: Growing with Grammar 6
Vocabulary: Wordly Wise 7
Writing: Winning with Writing
Spelling: Words from Vocabulary
Critical Thinking: Building Thinking Skills Level 2
Latin: Getting Started With Latin
Foreign Language: Rosetta Stone Japanese
Art: Draw & Write Through History
Typing: Typing.com

7th Grade

Bible: Kay Arthur – How to Study the Bible for Kids
Math: Saxon Algebra 1
Spelling: SOS LA 7000
Vocab: SOS LA 7000
Grammar: SOS LA 7000
Writing: SOS LA 7000
LA: SOS LA 7000
History/Geography: SOS H&G 7000
Science: Christian Kids Explore Chemistry
Foreign Language: Rosetta Japanese
Latin: Latin First Form
Health: SOS Health Quest  + Sex and the New You
Music Appreciation: Meet the Great Composers 1 & 2
Reading: Select classics (Robin Hood, Secret Garden, Don Quixote, etc) 
Typing: typing.com 

Those are our basic subjects. Other subjects such as health, P.E., etc I take more of an unschooling approach and just incorporate them into our lives as they fit in naturally.