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When it comes to living green, I’m pretty on top of things but I’ll admit when it comes to things like bags and pouches, green just isn’t on my radar.

That said, it really should be. The bags and pouches I use should be more eco-friendly because I’ll be using them for awhile and they will take awhile to decompose (or a long while if they aren’t eco-friendly).

Which is why I want to introduce you to Maika. I first fell in love with these home and travel goods because they are so pretty.

These eco-friendly pouches are stylish and nice on the environment. You'll want to collect all of these pouches in all the sizes!

Eco-Friendly Pouches

I’m a sucker for all things stripes so naturally I love this charcoal striped pouch but I love all of their patterns.

However, as I looked around their site a bit more I realized that they were also eco-consious! A huge plus for this natural living lady!

They use recycled cotton canvas and vegan leather for their products and they use eco-friendly pigment ink.

Buying products made from already recycled material and non-toxic dyes means less damage on the environment. I love that they use recycled canvas.

Not only does it mean no plastics are in the material but since it’s already been recycled I don’t have to worry about any cotton or trees being wasted on yet another bag.

Each print is done in the eco-friendly inks and each design is artwork done by the owner in California.

Now as you can see, Maika makes some lovely pouches which are great for holding makeup, coins, sewing kits, travel first aid stuff, and tons more. But they also sell a ton more!

Backpacks, totes, carryalls, duffle bags, travel cases, even canvas buckets! You’ll definitely want to head over to Maika and buy some of these great products for yourself!