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The following is a guest post from Shannon Costill. She will be sharing her story on how she eliminated her PMS mood swings and a great DIY PMS essential oil blend so that you can find relief too! 

The days before my period was something I dreaded. When PMS struck I went from a fully functioning mom to a basket case. If this sounds like you, you are not alone and change is possible!

I hope my story of how I overcame my PMS mood swings will help you to do the same. I’m living proof that relief is possible. The simple solution to overcoming your PMS symptoms is something you can do in minutes a day. You can squeeze it into your already busy schedule.


My Story

The days leading up to my period, I was a basket case. I cried a lot. One minute I’m happy – the next I’m crying. Something as simple as a TV commercial and I was in tears. And I’m not just talking about tearing up (there was plenty of that too), but I’m talking a full blown cry.

I was angry. Not run of the mill anger, but intense anger. Anger that scared me. Completely out of the norm from my normal outlook. Sometimes it was even more confusing when I felt sad and angry all at the same time.

Something small would send me over the edge. Small mishaps happen all day long as a mom. I’m sure many of you can relate. Any other day things would have rolled off my shoulders. During PMS it was a different story – every emotion was magnified. I took deep breaths, counted to 10, and put myself in a mommy timeout. I tried really hard.

I was not a good mom or wife when I was PMSing. I struggled to get through each day. I was left thinking, what is wrong with me!?!? Frustrated that I was unable to overcome my symptoms with every ounce of willpower.

The reason I’m sharing my story is to help others suffering from the same problem. So please go gentle on me ladies.

If you’ve struggled with PMS, I’m sure you can relate. If not, then count yourself lucky.

DIY PMS Essential Oil Blend: Eliminate Your PMS Mood Swings

PMS Can Change Over Time

For most of my life, I had normal periods and minimal PMS symptoms. Life was good.

After the birth of my 4th child, something changed. I developed PMS. I was moody, bleed very heavily, suffered from headaches, and was completely exhausted.

After a visit to my doctor, she told me my progesterone levels were low.

My PMS symptoms changed dramatically over a short time. Yours can too.

How Do Hormones Get Out of Balance?

A common cause of PMS symptoms is an estrogen/progesterone imbalance although there are some other possible reasons.

Many things can cause hormone imbalance. Here are a few common ones:

  1. Environmental xenoestrogens – often chemicals found in household cleaners and personal care items. Learn more about natural soaps and cleaners here.
  2. Eating foods that mimic our natural estrogen (soy, flaxseed, and high fat/high carb foods)
  3. Birth Control pills
  4. Chronic Stress
  5. Digestive issues

Our hormones are like a tower of blocks, take one away at the bottom and the whole tower crumbles. Same thing with your hormones, if one hormone gets out of balance, it impacts the rest of your hormones.

What is the Solution?

Many doctors put their patients on hormone therapy to correct hormone imbalances. Since our hormones are so delicate, it’s a little bit of a gamble. You could get better or wind up in an even worse situation.

I’m fortunate to have a doctor who is open to alternative therapies. She told me to use essential oils. The essential oils would help my body balance my hormones naturally on its own, the way nature intended. And without hormone creams.

DIY PMS Essential Oil Blend: Eliminate Your PMS Mood Swings

Clary Sage Balanced My Hormones

I was skeptical at first. I’m an avid essential oil user, but balancing my hormones seemed to be a monumental task. I applied a PMS essential oil blend to the inside of my ankle two times per day every day of the month. The primary essential oil I used was clary sage.

Within two months I had no PMS symptoms. I was actually surprised I got my period a few days earlier than expected. My heavy bleeding was reduced by 50%. I was astonished!

I continue to use the clary sage blend daily. I know more balancing is still needed.

Benefits of Clary Sage

Clary sage is the gold standard in easing PMS symptoms. If you have to choose one oil, clary sage is the winner.

It has been used for years to ease PMS and menopause symptoms. It’s also commonly used to treat eye infections and to ease inflammation.

Here are some great benefits of clary sage:

  • All around pain reliever 
  • Antifungal
  • Antibacterial
  • Antiseptic
  • Antispasmodic
  • A sedative

How to Apply Clary Sage

My favorite way to use clary sage is to dilute 3-4 drops in a carrier oil and use it in a roller ball. I applied my PMS essential oil blend to the inside of my ankles as directed by my doctor.

Here are a few other good ways apply clary sage:

  • Diffuse it
  • Apply it directly stomach
  • Add it to your favorite lotion
  • Rub some into your chest to inhale it

You should apply it at least twice a day.

Note: You should avoid using clary sage while you are pregnant and do not take it internally. You should always test for sensitivity before slathering it on.

 DIY PMS Essential Oil Blend - Don't let PMS run your life! Take action and make this DIY PMS essential oil blend today. Happier periods are just around the corner. #pms #femininecare #moodswings #period #essentialoils #naturalremedies

DIY PMS Essential Oil Blend

1 10ml essential oil roller ball
carrier oil of your choice (grapeseed oil is mine)
3 drops clary sage essential oil
2 drops lavender essential oil

Fill your roller ball with the essential oils and then fill the rest of the way with your carrier oil.
Put on the roller, shake and use. Apply it twice a day all month long.

You can use some of the other essential oils listed below but make sure to only use a total of 5 drops essential oils per 10ml of carrier oil. 

If a DIY blend is not for you – there are several done for you PMS Essential oil blends available.

Note: You should avoid using clary sage while you are pregnant and do not take it internally. You should always test for sensitivity before slathering it on.

Other Essential Oils to Balance Hormones

Adding a few other essential oils to clary sage can enhance your results.

Lavender – Fights PMS, provides pain relief, works to balance the body,  fights depression and anxiety

Bergamot – Uplifting; Helps balance emotions resulting from stress and depression 

Chamomile – Helps to clear the mind and fight stress

Ylang Ylang – Helps to balance hormones, fight depression and reduce anxiety. Bonus: Ylang Ylang helps regulate blood pressure and stabilize cortisol levels 

Marjoram – Helps to normalize periods and ease menstrual pain.

Geranium – Helps to balance hormones to ease PMS symptoms

Starting Fighting Back – Here’s to Happier Periods

Don’t let PMS run your life! Take action and make this DIY PMS essential oil blend today. Happier periods are just around the corner.

I would love to hear how your PMS symptoms have improved in the comments below!

DIY PMS Essential Oil Blend
Shannon is a natural soap junkie – from handmade soap to natural cleaners to handmade lotion. She has a passion helping others understand what’s really safe to put on their families skin. Shannon loves to DIY – she shares her lotion and beauty recipes she uses personally in her home. Find her at Natural Soap Mom.

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