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Ladies, not only do you learn why you would want to have an eco-friendly period but it gives you the various ways to make that possible!

We’re talking about ways to have an eco-friendly period. That’s right, your period.

Have you ever thought about how not green feminine products are?

We will be covering a lot in this post so get ready for some great info that will hopefully change how you deal with “that time of the month”.

What is Mama Cloth and How to Start

Why Switch to Eco-Friendly Feminine Products

Reduces Waste

This should be a no brainer. Obviously, switching to eco-friendly (read: reusable) feminine products will reduce waste.

How much waste will it reduce? It’s estimated that one woman will use over 10,000 disposable feminine products in her lifetime. Whoa!

Saves Money

If saving the earth isn’t enough to get you on board then perhaps saving some cash will! Think about how much money you spend every single month on feminine products.

$120 is what the average woman spends each year. That is a lot of money spent over the course of a lifetime!

Buying reusable feminine products might feel more expensive up front (depending on which products you choose) but they will last for years.

Healthier for You

We all know that tampons come with Toxic Shock Syndrome warnings but did you ever think about what chemicals are lurking in tampons and pads?

Disposable feminine products contain synthetic materials, bleach,  dioxin, fake fragrances, chlorine, adhesives, and so much more!

I don’t like that stuff touching any part of my body but feminine care products are not just surface of the skin products; those products are in (or nearly in) our bodies which means those chemicals are in our bodies.

Less Cramps and Lighter Periods

This one is a huge perk! Did you know that the lack of chemicals in reusable feminine products means many women experience less cramps and lighter periods!

Can we get a huge round of applause for these game changers?! (psst… need cramp relief? Check out my cramp relief tea and cramp relief salve.)

More Comfort

Tampons can dry you out or fit funny. Pads can crinkle around and bunch up. Reusable feminine products do not. (I’ll be talking more about the options below)

Fun Colors and Prints

Ok, so this isn’t a huge reason to switch to reusable products but it is a reason! Why use boring white (which you have to toss every use) when you can have fun colors or patterns that fit your personality?!

Ways to Have an Eco-friendly Period - Ladies, this is such an informative post! Not only do you learn why you would want to have an eco-friendly period but it gives you the various ways to make that possible! #femininecare #menstrualcups #mamacloth #clothpads #period #ecofriendly #natural #nontoxic #zerowaste

Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Period

What Are Your Options?

What is Mama Cloth and How to Start
Mama Cloth / Cloth Pads

Mama cloth is the ummm… fun name? for the reusable cloth version of pads. Yes, the idea of reusing pads might seem gross at first but it’s not as gross as you’d think.

We’ve all leaked on our underwear ladies and you don’t throw away your underwear right? Similar concept. Or if you are a mom, you’ve dealt with all kind of underwear issues during the potty training years!

Perks (in addition to those listed above):
Custom sizing (mama cloth/cloth pads come in a variety of sizes and absorbencies: mini, thong, overnight, postpartum even!)

You have to wash them. It’s not hard but it is one thing that you’d have to do.

If you are looking for great mama cloth in tons of fabrics and patterns than I recommend Pink Lemonade Shop.

Want more info on Mama Cloth? You can read more in my post about mama cloth and how to make the switch!

Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Period

Menstrual Cups

These are the reusable alternative to tampons. Like their name suggests, they are a cup; they collect the blood instead of soaking it up.

Like mama cloth, they do come with their own gross factor but once again, it’s not as gross or messy as you would imagine (especially when you consider some of the perks).

Perks (in addition to those listed above):
A menstrual cup can be worn for up to 12 hours straight that means you can sleep with one!
Non-drying because they do not absorb moisture like tampons do.
No worrying about leaks! Ok there is a learning curve but once you’ve mastered it; there are no leaks!
No need to pack extras. Just one product for your entire period.
You forget you are even wearing one!

Slightly mess as you do have to dump and rinse but it’s not like horror movie messy. I promise.
Learning curve. There are folding methods to try out and perfect as well as learning how to get a good seal.

SckoonCup is my current favorite brand for menstrual cups.

Want more info on menstrual cups? You can read all about them in my post on menstrual cups.

Period Panties

These are one of the newest reusable feminine products. Period panties are literally underwear that are extra absorbent so that they hold the blood and you don’t need a pad. They are underwear plus pads.

Perks (in addition to those listed above):
They can hold up to 2 tampons worth of blood (depending on what type of undies you get).
Custom sizing (period panties come in a variety of sizes and absorbencies depending on the underwear style)

You have to wash them. It’s not hard but it is one thing that you’d have to do.
You have to remove pants/shorts in order to remove the panties. Not too big of a deal but still…

I haven’t tried period panties yet but THINX is a popular brand.

Sea Sponges

These are nature’s version of tampons. They are real live (used to be alive?) sponges. Not the weird synthetic sponges; these are the real deal.

Perks (in addition to those listed above):
Completely all natural. Nothing man made with these!

Only last about a year.
Learning curve for how to insert them.
Only holds one tampon’s worth.
Not vegan

I’ve not tried sea sponges yet but Jade and Pearl looks like a popular choice.

Not ready to jump on the reusable feminine product wagon?

I know, it’s a big change and if you aren’t quite there yet that’s ok! There are some great organic tampons and pads available!

They are still disposable but they are chemical free! There are quite a few brands out there just make sure to read all those labels.