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Sudden acne breakouts are a girl’s worst nightmare. Remember the last time when your party plans were ruined because of a stupid acne that appeared on your face.

Acne and pimples usually make their way on a teenagers face. They are associated with hormonal and internal body changes e.g. acne can be triggered by stress and irritation.

When acne appears in a specific, concentrated area it is called as “breakout”. You should keep in mind that breakout would not disappear overnight, you need to be patient and treat the affected area gently.

Follow these steps to get rid of sudden breakouts:


  • Wash your face: You should look at your face washing routine. Whether or not you have breakouts, face washing is very important for healthy and acne free skin. In case of a breakout, use your hands to clean the face. Avoid using towel on the affected area as it can further irritate the skin.
  • Use lukewarm water. Hot water can cause irritation and cold water can close your pores. So, lukewarm is best suited. Wash your face twice and do not rub the breakout while washing.

  • Use a gentle soap or facewash. Skin becomes very sensitive during a breakout so do not use harsh formula creams or soaps.
  • Towel dry and moisturize: Use a towel with soft fibers to dry your skin. Again, do not rub the towel. Just gently tap it on your skin. Apply a non-cosmetic, light moisturizer.
  • Watch your makeup: Avoid wearing too much makeup when you are experiencing a breakout. Avoid harsh foundations and makeup brushes on the skin that can be a cause of contamination.
  • Go natural: Instead of spending money on expensive creams and acne treatments, look into your kitchen and you will find acne treatments within home. (like this tea tree acne treatment)


For natural treatments, you can try the following:

Lemon juice is a great remedy for your breakout. Squeeze fresh lemon juice. Soak a cotton ball into lemon juice and dab the cotton on your breakout. Let it stay for about 30 min and then wash it cold water. Lemon juice will work to kill bacteria and toxins in that area. It will also exfoliate your skin.

Apply honey on your skin. Honey also has antibacterial nature. You can apply honey directly or use a herbal honey mask. You can also mix honey with milk or yogurt or aloe vera. Let honey sit on your skin for a few minutes and then rinse.

When all else fails:

Seek professional help: If your breakout continues then you should seek professional help. A medical professional will help you in figuring out your condition and he may suggest you the right approach to treat it. He may suggest oral treatments that include antibiotics or multivitamins. Oral treatments are used in case of moderate to severe acne cases. However, they may present some side effects.


Beth Martel

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