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As a homeschooling mom, I believe there are many benefits of homeschooling. You can find lists of why homeschooling is a great idea all over the internet. You can even take a peek at why my family has decided to homeschool.

However, I wanted to take a look into the benefits of homeschooling as a natural living family. Did you know that there are natural living benefits of homeschooling? There are actually natural and green reasons to consider homeschooling.

Natural Living Benefits of Homeschooling - You can find lists of why homeschooling is a great idea all over the internet. This is a look into the benefits of homeschooling as a natural living family. #homeschooling #homeschool #naturalliving #benefits

Natural Living Benefits of Homeschooling

No Commute

There’s no need to drive your children to school and they do not need to ride the bus. All your children need to do is walk a few steps in your house and they are there.

With this lack of commute you save money on gas, produce less car emissions, and even save time so that you can do more important things then drive around town.

Healthy Lunches

When a child goes to a public or private school, they often times eat the school lunches. These school lunches are generally not quite up to natural/real food standards.

When you homeschool, you are completely in charge of your child’s lunch. They can have only real food to eat. No need to worry about other kids allergies, no need to have the school question you if you pack kombucha for your child.

Non-Toxic School Room

Schools can use harsh cleaning supplies, use products that off-gas, and tend to use florescent lights. All of these release toxins and are obviously not good for our children.

When you homeschool, you get to decide what to clean the “school room” with, what products to have, and what lighting to use.

Tailored Schooling

Every child is different. In a school setting, it’s hard to cater to each child’s needs. Even in low number classrooms, things somethings will have to be generalized so that all the children can be taught.

Natural parents realize that each kid has different needs; homeschooling allows you to tailor curriculum and learning styles to best suite your child.

Wider Array of Subjects

This will of course depend on circumstances a bit but in schools you are limited to subjects that the school offers. In homeschooling, you can gather curriculum for anything you’d like to teach.

You can focus on areas that you think important (fermenting foods, anyone?) If you want your child to learn a subject you have no knowledge in, you can search for classes taught by others. It’s not limited to just your abilities or preferences.

Allergy Friendly

As a parent of a child with a nut allergy, I know how nerve wracking it can be to send your child out into the public. You just never know want might come into contact with your child and cause a reaction.

I’m not saying you can’t deal with allergies and sensitivities in public or private schools. I’m just saying that you don’t have to worry about a classmate touching your child with their peanut butter hands… because the only classmates your child has in homeschooling are their siblings.

Less Peer Pressure for Materialist Items

Kids are no different than adults; they can be materialistic, they can want it all. Put all those kids together and everyone “needs” what everyone else has.

In the natural living world, we tend to focus on minimalism and a more simplistic life. Homeschooling reduces the materialistic peer pressure to have it all.

It’s easier to avoid your child wanting all the plastic toys when they aren’t bombard by all the other kids (not that they won’t see this at friend’s houses…but there’s at least less exposure this way.)

Time to Let Them be Kids

Kids these days are in school for so much of the day. Sure they might get a few breaks for recess but it’s not much when you consider how long they are sitting in a classroom or doing homework during the day.

A homeschooling day is often finished in under 4 hours (personally my kids get done with school in just 2 hours)! This allows children plenty of time to enjoy playing, enjoy going outside with no time limits, enjoy actually being kids!

It Extends the Attachment Parenting Style

Homeschooling means your children get to stay home with you all the time. You are there to pick up on their cues, teach them, learn about them, help them grow.

While you could still practice attachment parenting with kids in school, it’s much more difficult when you have gaps of 6 or so hours each day when you really do not know what your child did or went through.

I know homeschooling is not a perfect fit for all families but if you are a natural living family you may want to give homeschooling a thought.

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