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It’s pretty easy to find alternatives to plastics… until you get to plastic wrap.

What is an alternative to plastic wrap? Glass wrap? Bamboo wrap? Stainless steel wrap? Nope, nope, nope. Sure you could try storing that hunk of cheese in a glass container but it will dry out in a flash or mold like there’s no tomorrow because there is so much air in the container with it.

Which leaves us with plastic wrap. Sure it’s made of plastic which we’d rather avoid and yes, it creates tons of waste since plastic wrap is a single use item but… it’s our only option right?


Single use plastic wrap is a thing of the past thanks to this alternative to plastic wrap! #beeswrap #plasticwrap #plasticfree #greenliving #reusable #ecofriendly

Meet Bee’s Wrap! An Alternative to Plastic Wrap!

Bee’s Wrap is a reusable version of plastic wrap… without the plastic! Imagine a cloth that has been coated in beeswax. As I’m sure you are aware of beeswax is water resistant so a cloth that is completely coated in beeswax (or in this case it’s a beeswax and oil combo) is water resistant too!

Since it’s cloth, it’s moldable meaning you can wrap just about anything in it; bread, fruit, cheese, or cover a bowl! You mold and shape the Bee’s Wrap with the warmth of your hands and when you are done it will cool and harden so that it stays in that shape.

I have been dying to get my hands on Bee’s Wrap for ages now. Why it took me so long to get, I’ll never know BUT there is a blessing in my laziness… The reason I finally got my beloved Bee’s Wrap is because of an amazing new program from MightyNest.

Who Is MightyNest?

MightyNest is a great online shop that focuses on selling all things natural and non-toxic. It’s a great place to shop because you know they’ve done the research for you and you don’t have to worry about those “pretending to be natural” products. So that’s MightyNest… but on to their new program because it is after all why I have this amazing reusable plastic wrap replacement.

Introducing MightyFix (aka The World’s Best Subscription Service)!

MightyFix is a subscription service from MightyNest. I know what you are thinking… yet another subscription service. But MightyFix is DIFFERENT!

Not only do they only choose products that will help you live a more green and natural lifestyle but it’s affordable. No monthly box that costs tons of money plus shipping. I can never justify those types of subscription services!

MightyFix cost just $10 and that includes shipping! $10 for a natural product that normally costs most than that! Each month, they send you a new product and they’ve had some pretty amazing products in their past MightyFix months like, Lifefactory water bottles, wool dryer balls, reusable product bags, and as I’ve hinted at… Bee’s Wrap!

MightyFix is a great way to change out your not-so-natural products for sustainable items month by month.

Some Fun Facts About MightyFix

MightyFix is $10/month and each subscription package is valued at least $10 but it’s often worth more.

MightyFix shipping is FREE! If you want to add other items to your order (MightyNest has so many great products) you will get the free shipping for those items too!

MightyFix has no mandatory subscription commitment. You can subscribe month by month, for a year, pick and choose which months… whatever works for you!

MightyFix items are choose for everyone and anyone. This means you won’t get a baby bottle for your item on month.

MightyFix also works with MightyNest’s ongoing program that allows you to have 15% of your purchase donated to your child’s school. Click here for more info on the MightyNest school fundraising program

An Alternative to Plastic Wrap

But MightyFix Gets Even Better…

As if MightyFix isn’t already a screaming deal, they have created an amazing offer for first time users. When you first sign up for MightyFix, you can get your first package, which will be for Bee’s Wrap for just $3! Say what?

You get a medium Bee’s Wrap and a Large Bee’s Wrap for just $3 when their actual retail value is $13.10 (plus shipping)! Instead of paying $19 for Bee’s Wrap you pay a grand total of $3! Basically, you are crazy to not try this out! I mean $3 is the cost of plastic wrap so instead you can buy this ridiculously affordable MightyFix deal and you’ll have an alternative to plastic wrap that you can use over and over!

Want to get your Bee’s Wrap for just $3?

Click here and use code: BEESFIX2016