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Lavender is likely one of the most popular herbs you will encounter. Even people who are not into herbal remedies and herbal products know what lavender is.

Lavender needs no introduction. So when you read the title of this post, it probably came as no surprise that this lavender vinegar hair rinse is calming.

Lavender is a favorite scent for helping us calm down and relax.

However, it’s not just calming in the sense that you will have a more peaceful time in the shower if you use this hair rinse!

Lavender is also great at calming your hair.


Lavender is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory.

This means that it’s great for reducing dandruff, psoriasis, dry scalp, can help with hair growth and even helps condition your hair!

With this calming lavender vinegar hair rinse you get the calming benefits for your mood and your hair!


If you are not familiar with hair rinses, allow me to fill you in.

Hair rinses are a popular alternative to conditioner. I started using hair rinses when I made the switch to going “no ‘poo”.

No ‘poo is the practice of not using traditional shampoo and conditioners. There are many variations but for the most part, the conditioner part is a vinegar rinse.

I’ve used plain vinegar and my strengthening nettle vinegar hair rinses before but currently I’m loving the lavender!

Plus have you noticed what an amazing color it is? Who knew lavender buds would result in this pinkish hue?

I shared my lavender hair rinse on Instagram but didn’t tell anyone what it was… there were quite a few guesses of it being a rose wine which quite honestly would probably work as a hair rinse as well but that could get a bit pricey so let’s learn how to make this lavender vinegar hair rinse instead shall we?

Calming Lavender Vinegar Hair Rinse - With this calming lavender vinegar hair rinse you get the calming benefits for your mood and your hair! #lavender #hairrinse #vinegarhairrinse #naturalhaircare #conditioner #herbal


Calming Lavender Vinegar Hair Rinse

16 oz vinegar (white distilled or apple cider vinegar)
2 tbs dried lavender flowers
glass jar with non-metal lid

Place dried lavender into glass jar.
Pour vinegar over the lavender.
Cover with non-metal lid (vinegar ruins metal lids).
Let sit in a cool dark place for 1-2 weeks.
Strain out the lavender.
Your Lavender Vinegar Hair Rinse is now done.

To Use:
Pour 1 tbs Calming Lavender Vinegar Hair Rinse into a container and add 8 oz water.
Pour over head after shampooing. (remember, this is the “conditioner”).
Allow to sit on hair for about a minute and then rinse with water.

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