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This kid-friendly creamsicle toothpaste is so easy to make, pretty inexpensive, and kids LOVE the orange flavor!

Leave it to kids to quickly get bored with anything and everything. Even toothpaste flavors.

I had been making my kid friendly strawberry toothpaste and the kids loved it… and then one day, they were done with it.

“Can we have a new flavor?” “I don’t like strawberry today.”

Sigh… kids these days! Or maybe my kids are just spoiled when it comes to toothpaste flavors.

Kids who use conventional toothpaste probably do not get too many options.

My kids, oh they are smart… they know that mommy can make lots of different toothpastes!

Wait, you make your own kid toothpaste?

Yep! Want to know why?

Ingredients – What’s in Your Kid’s Toothpaste?
Store bought toothpastes contain less than natural ingredients and I’d rather them not go near my child’s mouth.

If you scan the ingredient list you will find things like propylparaben, propylene glycol, sodium fluoride, artificial colorings, and more!

Many of these ingredients come with concerns ranging from allergies to organ system toxicity! Yikes!

Toothpastes should not come with these concerns!

If you are curious as to what might be hiding in your child’s toothpaste then I suggest heading over to EWG’s cosmetic database, searching for your current toothpaste brand, and finding out what is going into your child’s mouth.

Even if you find an amazing natural toothpaste, you will have to pay a pretty penny. Now some things are worth paying for but if you ask me, toothpaste does not need to be one of those things!

It’s just too easy to make your own and homemade toothpaste costs next to nothing!

What is Xylitol?

What ingredients are in my Kid Friendly Creamsicle Toothpaste?

Xylitol – You might recognize this ingredient from many toothpastes and chewing gums.

Xylitol is a sweetener so it helps make the toothpaste yummy but it’s a sweetener with perks because it also prevents cavities and can even help remineralize teeth!

Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is a popular toothpaste ingredient thanks to it’s antibacterial and anti-fugal properties. There’s also evidence that coconut oil helps fight cavities!

Orange Flavoring – While there really aren’t any reasons to include the orange flavoring for oral health, it does make this toothpaste taste similar to many kid toothpastes on the market.

A kid friendly flavor is always a helpful thing when getting kids to brush their teeth!

Kid Friendly Creamsicle Toothpaste - This tooth paste is so easy to make, pretty inexpensive, and my kids LOVE the flavor! #kids #toothpaste #creamsicle #homemade #nontoxic #natural #teeth

Kid Friendly Creamsicle Toothpaste

1 tbs xylitol – finely ground
2 tbs coconut oil – softened
1/8 tsp orange flavor extract or 3 drops sweet orange essential oils (I’d avoid using essential oils in kids under 2 years)

In a small bowl, mix all ingredients together.
Transfer toothpaste to a storage container.

To Use: 
Scoop out a tiny bit each time you need to brush teeth.
You may want to reserve a popsicle stick or some such tool for scooping out toothpaste to avoid contaminating the toothpaste.

Note: The above listed orange flavor extract contains glycerin, many prefer to avoid glycerin as it coats the teeth and keeps them from remineralizing. I’d suggest the essential oil route or an extract (although you’ll want to check out those ingredients as well).

DIY orange flavored toothpaste