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As a person dedicated to living naturally, I try to keep the gifts that we give (and that my kids receive) on the natural side.

The holiday season is an easy time for kids to receive oh so many toys, toys that light up and beep and make noise all day long.

I like to keep things simple and that’s why I’m excited to share some great gift ideas that do not need batteries or power cords!

Below I will share my gift ideas that are all non-electronic – no beeping or flashing lights here!

Let’s face it, when it comes to buying gifts for kids it’s easy. All you have to do is walk down any toy aisle and you will have hundreds of choices. Pick anything and the kid is going to love it.

Kids are easily to shop for like that. But there’s more to life than toys! If your kids are like mine then I’m guessing they will get plenty of toys for the holidays.

In fact, you are likely of the opinion that your kids already have too many toys! Don’t get me wrong, toys are amazing but it’s easy for toys to just become one more piece of clutter in your kid’s room that gets lost or forgotten about within a few weeks of play time.

Why not give a gift that is NOT a toy? That’s right, there are non-toy gift options for kids.

I’ll even let you in on a secret… the non-toy gifts that my kids receive are usually their favorites! Below, I’ve listed 25 non-toy gift ideas for kids to help you get creative this holiday season!

25 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids - Why not give a gift that is NOT a toy? That’s right, there are non-toy gift options for kids. I’ll even let you in on a secret… the non-toy gifts that my kids receive are usually their favorites! #giftsforkids #kidgifts #nontoy #giftideas #giftguide #christmasgifts #birthdaygifts

25 Non-Toy Gift Ideas For Kids

Membership Passes

These make great family gifts or shared sibling gifts. Whether it’s a pass to the zoo, museum, aquarium, or science center you kids will love this gift that lasts an entire year!


Do you have kids that love getting mail? Kids that love learning and reading? How about getting them a magazine subscription. There are some great options like Highlights, Ranger Rick, & National Geographic for Kids.
Melissa & Doug Classic Card Game Set

Card Games

Ok so games might be a little big close to the toy category but I’m talking classic simple games. In this case, card games like Go Fish and Old Maid.
Plan Toys Mini Golf - Full Set

Mini Golf Set

Let your kids pretend they are on the green and watch them make that hole in one! This is a great kid golf set with wooden clubs and balls.
Plan Toys Meadow Ring Toss

Ring Toss

A simple wooden ring toss with rope rings is a great natural game that your kids could play indoors or outdoors. It’s also a great way to help their hand/eye coordination.

Coloring Books

Who doesn’t like to color? Kids are always in need of new coloring books. Give them one or a few and a set of new colors and they will be busy for hours. Need coloring book inspiration? My kids love the Melissa & Doug Coloring Pads!

Special Events

This is your one time gifts. Call it a date and take them to a play, movie theatre, concert, spa day, baking day… whatever fits your child’s personality!

Jump Ropes

A classic and simple gift that will keep your little ones jumping for hours. Jump ropes get bonus points for hopefully wearing them out and giving you a restful night’s sleep!

Bikes or Scooters

This has got to be one of the classic Christmas gifts. Hasn’t everyone woken up one Christmas morning to see a bike underneath the tree? If your kiddo isn’t ready for a full fledged bike or scooter then how about a balance bike or for the toddlers a scoot around four-wheel bike?
Merax 36" Foldable Exercise Mini Trampoline with Safety Pad


You can go large and get a full size trampoline for the backyard but even if you live in a tiny apartment you can get a trampoline. They make small, personal size trampolines and some even fold up for easy storage!

Gardening Supplies

Encourage your little gardener with a cute gardening set! Toss in a few seed packets and a couple cute pots and you have a great gift!

Finger Paints

Time to get messy and make masterpieces! Check out this natural finger paints for a great non-toxic option, add in a little painters apron, perhaps some paper, and your artist will have all they need.

Cooking Supplies

If your little one just loves to be in the kitchen, why not give them their own cooking supplies? Print out a cute recipe card and wrap it up with some measuring spoons, whisks, rolling pin, kid-safe knife, and apron!

Exploring Equipment

Do you have a little scientist on your hands? How about helping them expand their love by giving them a magnifying glass, bug catcher, telescope, microscope, or butterfly net? There are lots of options!

Classes or Lessons

Sometimes it’s hard to justify giving your kids lessons in music or dance class. Trust me, I know! Those classes get pricey, especially if you have multiple kids! Why not make them a gift? You can even make any mandatory equipment like ballet slippers or soccer cleats part of the gift!


You could buy playdough like this natural playdough but you can also get creative and make your own! I even have Christmas scented playdough that would be perfect for the holidays! Add in some playdough tools and voila!

Bean Bag Toss

A bean bag toss is such a simple yet fun game! Toss a few bean bags around; the next thing you know and an hour has gone by.


Let’s just say this is a very long term gift. If you know exactly what your kid would like for a pet then feel free to have it waiting under the tree. However, if you have no idea or if you know they will want to pick their pet out personally, then perhaps wrap something small like a fish bowl or a dog toy as a Christmas morning clue!

Luggage Set

Planning a trip soon or does your kid spend the night at grandma’s a lot? How about getting them their very own backpack or suit case?

Bowling Set

Put together balls and knocking things over and you have an instant kid pleaser! There are many great bowling sets out there but I love the foam bowling sets because they can’t do any damage to kiddos or the house!


In our family we love books! Board books like Eric Carle’s, chapter books like Little House on the Prairie or Roald Dahl’s collection, search and find books. It really doesn’t matter! Books take you on adventures and that’s something you just can’t buy!

Piggy Bank

Sure it’s a bit like giving money as a gift but let’s be honest, everyone loves getting money as a gift even if it is deemed “boring”. Spice things up by giving a bit of money and a cute piggy bank then at least they have something to open!


This is a great gift idea if you have decent weather. If your yard is covered in a few feet of snow then maybe croquet would make a better gift for the spring or summer. No matter when you buy it, your child will love playing this classic yard game.

Musical Instruments

The great delight of kids and the torture of parents. Yeah, I said it! If you think you can handle it get a fun toddler band set, banjo, kazoo, tambourine, or recorder and get ready for your house to be filled with music!

Make Believe

Pretend costumes are a great way to encourage kids to use their imaginations! They can become princesses, firefighters, chefs, or even astronauts!