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We have been a cloth diapering family since my third child was born. I’ve been using cloth diapers for five year now! In all those years, we were generally close to home which meant using cloth diapers was very easy.

However, we also took a few vacations and trips. Traveling when you normally use cloth diapers is completely doable.

I have taken our cloth diapers anywhere that we could drive to. They went with us to a nice hotel in Canada (washed in the hotel’s laundry machines), they have taken a road trip to grandma’s house (washed in her laundry machine), and they have traveled to near by vacation destinations (all with laundry machines). However when we fly, it’s just not always feasible to travel with so much “fluff”.

What’s a cloth diapering family to do?

Hello GroVia BioSoakers!

I’ve been a long time GroVia fan. In fact, their AI2 diapers are pretty much my entire stash! When it came time for me to travel to ShiftCon (a green blogger conference) with my youngest, I realized that cloth diapers just weren’t going to happen.

I didn’t want to use disposable diapers because I prefer to use more natural and eco-friendly diapers, besides… I was going to a conference full of natural and green loving people! I wanted to show off our cute diapers! GroVia had the perfect happy medium; their BioSoakers!

What’s a BioSoaker?

As I mentioned before, I use GroVia’s AI2 system. That means there is a shell and an inner insert. There are quite a few insert options with GroVia with a few varieties of reusable cloth inserts but they also offer the BioSoakers which are a biodegradable insert.

These inserts look and act a bit like disposable diapers but are much more natural! These inserts are plastic and chlorine free as well as being fragrance and dye free. All things I dislike about most disposable diapers. Plus they are made with biodegradable and compostable materials! Wow.

GroVia BioSoakers are great for traveling but they are also great for daycares or for those of you who want a disposable type option when you are out running errands.
Traveling When You Normally Use Cloth Diapers

How to Use a BioSoaker

Using GroVia’s BioSoakers is incredibly easy. Just get a shell ready, lay a BioSoaker insert inside, and secure the diaper onto your baby. There are sticky tabs on the backside of the BioSoakers which is great for securing in potty training pants or underwear but I hear that the sticky tabs can be annoying in diaper shells so I never used them. I definitely didn’t feel like the BioSoakers moved around in the diaper shell.

Like most AI2 systems, when you need to change a diaper all you need to do is remove the insert and replace with a new one. You can reuse the same shell a few times or until it’s obviously soiled.

This  makes the AI2 extra wonderful for traveling because it means you do not need to bring as many diapers along.

My entire trip was five days and all I brought was 6 shells and 50 BioSoakers. Nice and minimal which is great when you are flying with only carry-on’s!

While I love and prefer using cloth diapers, I was so glad to try out GroVia’s BioSoakers while on my trip! I didn’t have to worry about washing a ton of laundry or trying to shove a bunch of cloth diapers into my suitcase. I didn’t have any issues with leaks and my little girl was happy and could show off her cute diapers.

Buy It:
Want to try out GroVia’s BioSoakers? You can get 50 inserts  on their website 

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