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Not everyone is able to use cloth diapers. Even those who do use cloth diapers will sometimes need a disposable option.

Sometimes you are going on vacation, sometimes your daycare refuses to use cloth diapers, sometimes relatives just can’t figure out cloth diapers.

Whatever the case may be, there might be a time when you need to use disposable diapers.

Using disposables can be a conundrum for natural parents. You want to be eco-friendly, you want to limit your baby’s exposure to toxins… and disposables just really don’t scream “green”.

Does an eco-friendly disposable diaper exist?

Does an Eco-Friendly Disposable Diaper Exist? Yes! Check out Bambo Nature diapers. #disposablediaper #ecofriendly #diaper

Meet Bambo Nature

Bambo Nature diapers are a disposable diaper company that has made being eco-friendly their mission. Just check out their promise:

  • Skin-Friendly – No Dangerous Chemicals and/or Allergens
  • Eco-Friendly – Sustainable Resources and Less Waste
  • Sleep-Friendly – Maximum Absorbency, Ultra-Soft, Ultra-Flexible

Let’s take a look at those three key points a bit closer.


Bambo Nature diapers have zero dangerous chemicals in their diapers. There are no phthalates, no PVC, no heavy metals, no chlorine, no formaldehyde, no allergens and no perfumes.

Honestly, after reading that list you wonder what other diaper companies are thinking! Those chemicals definitely do not need to be in diapers and I’m so glad that Bambo Nature took the initiative and realizes that!


Are you ready for this? Bambo Nature diapers are the only diaper in the world with a  Nordic Swan Eco-label; a certified eco-label. What are these eco-friendly disposable diapers made out of? Glad you asked!

Bambo Nature diapers use wood for the pulp which comes from sustainable forestry where more trees are planted than felled. (They do also contains SAP which is what all disposable diapers use but theirs does not contain phthalates.)

As mentioned above they do not use chlorine in their bleaching process, nor harmful chemicals, this is all good for your baby, but it is also good for the environment.

Bambo Nature even works to reduce the waste made during manufacturing to help the environment. Even the powder and dust from their plant is filtered and sold for further use. Wow!


Bambo Diapers are more natural but that doesn’t mean you will experience leaks like many natural disposable diapers do. In fact, I’d say these diapers to better than most non-natural diapers! They are super absorbent!

Whenever I get around to changing my baby, I always think the diaper is bound to be super full but it always appears to only be half full! It’s pretty amazing!

These diapers also have a top dry design that helps pull moisture away from the skin thus making the diaper more comfortable for baby. They are also really soft; no scratchy diapers here!
Does an Eco-Friendly Disposable Diaper Exist? Yes! Check out Bambo Nature diapers.