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Natural remedies are gaining in popularity. All you have to do is type in natural remedies for ____ and you’ll get a hundred results pop up.

They are also becoming more common and less seen as something completely weird. Five years ago people probably thought that arnica salve was totally hippy and now people everywhere use it.

All of this is great news for those who like to live naturally but just what are the reasons that we would want to try natural remedies?

7 reasons to try natural remedies

Reasons to Try Natural Remedies

Less Harsh

Natural remedies are generally less harsh than over-the-counter medicine. Now this isn’t to say that natural remedies are less effective. Natural remedies truly can be very effective and often times work better than OTC meds.

By less harsh, I mean they have less side effects… for instance, sometimes you take over-the-counter medicine for a headache and the harshness makes you have a stomachache.

They Get to the Root of the Problem

OTC drugs can relieve symptoms but often do not get to the root of the issue. Think of cold and flu medicine.

More often than not, those meds are just helping you with the symptoms which of course is great and generally what you are hoping to relieve but it’s not really helping you get rid of the actual problem. It’s just making the suffering easier so to speak. Natural remedies can help with symptoms too, of course but they can also help fight the cause of those symptoms.


They are Affordable

Sometimes the upfront cost can cost more than a pack of OTC meds but once you have some basic supplies on hand then things are relatively cheap.

Herbs are actually quite affordable and last a long time, essential oils might seem like they cost a bit at $5-10 a bottle but that bottle will last you many uses.

They are Safe

Most of the natural remedies out there are generally safe for everyone. Think of things like apple cider vinegar, honey, lemon. Those are not likely to cause issues for anyone!

Even if you get into the herbal realm, many herbs are fine for everyone like red raspberry leaf, elderberry, lavender, arnica.

Of course, it is good to look into what you are using to make sure it is safe for you. Some herbs do need to be avoided at certain times or for certain individuals like when you are pregnant or have kidney issues for example.

They Have More Than One Use

Unlike OTC drugs which usually have one purpose and one purpose only, natural remedies can be used for many things.

Rosemary can be used for hair loss but it can also be used for colds. Red raspberry leaf can be used to tone the uterus in pregnancy but it can also help with menstrual issues. Apple cider vinegar is great for relieving heartburn but it can also help with allergies!

You Can Control the Ingredients

If you are buying your natural remedies then you might not be able to control the ingredients too much but if you are making your own remedies then it’s very easy to do.

Do you hate the taste of nettle but want all that iron and vitamin k? Try dandelion leaf instead. Out of comfrey for your muscle salve? Just use arnica.

Easy to Find

OTC drugs are easy to find, I suppose. You just walk into the store and search the aisles. Now if you need a prescription then things can get annoying.

However, natural remedies are easy to find as well. Some of them you likely already have such as honey, apple cider vinegar, ginger, peppermint, baking soda, epsom salt. You can’t get more easy to find than just opening up a cabinet in your own home!

7 reasons to try natural remedies