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I have heard my friends go on and on about the wonders of arnica for years now. Every time, I mentioned that my kid fell and got a new bruise, my friends would ask if I had arnica.

I’m ashamed to admit that I never thought it was worth the effort to really look into it or buy it. Oh how I was wrong!

Arnica is a wonderful plant and when you turn it into arnica salve, it becomes a must have in the medicine cabinet.

Now that I have tried arnica, I’m in love with it and so are my kids!

If my kids fall and get hurt, they instantly ask for “oil” now to fix their owies. My kids know that arnica will help them feel better and they might just get away bruise free!

As a mom to five kids, I get my fair share of bruises as well so I love knowing that I can help diminish or sometimes even avoid all those bruises.

I also like using arnica when I am sore; whether that is from exercising or from holding a baby in an awkward position for far too long.

Dying to know more about this amazing arnica?

DIY Arnica Salve

What is arnica?

Arnica is a plant of the daisy family and is a well known herbal remedy for injuries. These pretty yellow flowers work by stimulating the capillaries and increasing the blood flow.

This increase of blood flow is what helps bring healing by reducing swelling, easing pain, and diminishing bruises.

It’s a pretty amazing little plant.

It should be noted that arnica can be toxic when taken internally and therefore it is not recommended to take arnica internally unless under the careful supervision of a homeopath or qualified herbalist. However, in this post we are just focusing on the external ways to use arnica.

Arnica Uses

  • Sore Muscles
  • Aches and Pains
  • Bruises
  • Sprains and Strains

DIY Arnica Salve great for sore muscles, aches, and bruises. This is a must have natural remedy for those with kids! #naturalremedy #arnica #salve #bruises #soremuscles #herbalremedies

DIY Arnica Salve

1/2 cup dried arnica
1 cup oil (olive oil and coconut oil are popular choices)
1 oz beeswax

Prepare an arnica infused oil. This involves covering the arnica with oil and allowing it to infuse.
This can take 30 minutes to 6 weeks depending on the method you choose.
Here are the details on how to make a herb infused oil.

Once you have your arnica infused oil, place the 1 cup of arnica oil into a small saucepan and add 1 oz of beeswax.
Heat over low until the beeswax is melted. Stir to fully incorporate.

Transfer your salve to a container of your choosing; mason jars work great!
Allow salve to cool before covering with lid.

To Use:
Apply arnica salve to the affected area and massage into the skin.
Remember arnica should not be used on open skin.

Bye Bye Bruise Salve