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As I sit down to write this post, I keep feeling like it’s a bit unnecessary. I feel like pretty much everyone knows that they should eat healthy. It seems like it’s just common knowledge.

Of course, not everyone does eat healthy… and even those of us who do aim to eat healthy don’t eat perfectly. But deep down, I think we all know it’s a good thing to eat healthy.

Nonetheless, today we are going to take a look at some of the benefits of eating healthy. Now eating healthy can mean different things to different people… as it should!

We are all individuals with different needs and thus it makes sense that one person’s healthy eating will look a bit different from another person’s healthy eating.

For this post, we will assume the basics. Healthy eating is eating whole foods and not processed foods, foods laden with sugar, junk food, etc.

 There are more reasons to eat healthy than just loosing weight or staying healthy... Here are 7 reasons to eat healthy! #healthyeating #cleaneating #realfood #healthy

7 Reasons to Eat Healthy


Improved Mood

Eating junk might make you happy for a bit but let’s face it, we all know it makes us feel awful afterwards! If we eat healthy we feel better about our selves.

What’s more, when we eat things like sugar, we can also ruin our mood. Did you know that eating sugar is linked to depression. All the while we are eating sugar when we are depressed and it’s just making things worse.

Better Skin

This sends me back to high school days where we were always told that eating junk food will cause our face to breakout. I do not doubt that eating junk can cause breakouts but there are other reasons why eating healthy is better for the skin.

Eating goods foods can help skin look youthful and well moisturized. Everyone is searching for that miracle cream to keep their face looking young and while creams have their place, a good face should start in the kitchen.

Healthy Weight

As someone who has lost almost 60 lbs since switching to a more natural lifestyle, I know first hand that eating whole foods will do a lot for getting to and maintaining a healthy weight.

Unhealthy food is often full of sodium and full of sugar. Sodium makes us bloated among other things and sugar is addictive. Once you jump on the sugar bandwagon it is extremely hard to get off. This is why it’s hard to give up our sweets!

Fat Loss

Alright, I know this seems like I’m saying weight loss and that it’s the same thing as the reason I gave just above… but it’s not! You can be a “healthy weight” as yet still have too much fat.

This is where the term skinny fat comes from. A person with high body fat can weight the exact same amount as a person who is muscular with little fat. Eating healthy helps get rid of this fat that we do not need. You might not loose pounds but healthy eating can help you drop your fat percentage!

More Energy

Eating good foods gives your body more energy. More energy means you can accomplish all that you need to do and it means you can survive working out.

Eating healthy also doesn’t tend to make you “crash” later in the day. However, I think we all know what it feels like if you had a breakfast of doughnuts… by the afternoon you are dead and want to sleep the day away.

Better Sleep

It’s rare to find someone who isn’t searching for better sleep. Whatever the cause of our poor sleep, eating healthy can at least help us get a bit better sleep.

Sure sometimes it will take more than just eating healthy for a perfect night’s rest but at the very least we can switch to eating healthy so that our bodies can be on the way to better sleep.

Less Illness

This is one that I think we tend to overlook but it’s important. Eating junk lowers our immune system and makes it easier for us to get sick. There are a few reasons why people tend to get sick more in the winter time but I’m convinced that all that holiday/seasonal baking has a lot to do with it!

Eating healthy helps support our body so that it can stay healthy and if we do happen to get sick, eating healthy helps us recover much faster.