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Drinking vinegar is definitely one of those things that prove you are in it for the benefits. It’s rare to find someone who actually enjoys drinking apple cider vinegar. There are a few out there but for the most part, drinking ACV is not all that enjoyable.

However, enjoyable or not, there are so many reasons to drink apple cider vinegar that it’s definitely a drink you should consider adding to your diet.

It should be noted that when consuming apple cider vinegar and if you want to reap the full benefits, it is best to choose raw, organic, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar that still has the “mother” in it.

This is where all the goodies of ACV live in. The processed stuff that is sold by the gallon in the grocery store just doesn’t compare.

As for how much apple cider vinegar you will want to drink that will depend a little bit on you. I recommend starting at 1 tablespoon per day and increasing to 2-3 tablespoons if you find you need it; although there is definitely no harm in drinking 3 tablespoons per day if you do not need it.

Always dilute your ACV when drinking. How much water you use to dilute the ACV is up to you.

Some like to dilute 1 tbs ACV in 8 oz water so that it is more diluted.

Others prefer to dilute 1 tbs ACV in just 1 tbs of water so that the task is done in one swallow.

There are so many reasons to drink apple cider vinegar that it's definitely a drink you should consider adding to your diet. #applecidervinegar #acv #health #naturalhealth

Reasons to Drink Apple Cider Vinegar


Aids in Weight Loss

Consuming acetic acid daily (acetic acid is in ACV) can help reduce body weight and abdominal fat. Apple cider vinegar seem to do this in a few ways; it helps control blood sugar levels and it can help you feel full longer and thus help with over eating.

Energy Boost

The higher acidic levels along with the amino acids, potassium, and enzymes help give your body a bit of energy. Next time you are feeling a little sluggish, try reaching for the ACV bottle.

Helps with Blood Sugar Levels

Every now and then I worry about my blood sugar levels. I’m not diabetic but when I’m pregnant I like to keep blood sugar levels low and all around it’s never fun to have a sugar spike.

I’ve learned that if I take ACV before, during, or even after I eat something sweet it can help keep those blood sugar levels in a more normal range. This of course is great news for diabetics but everyone can benefit from keeping their blood sugars at healthy levels.

Boosts Immunity

Infections love low acidic levels in the body. By taking apple cider vinegar, you can raise those acidic levels and thus make your body inhospitable to illnesses.

It’s also anti-bacterial (which is why it’s a favorite cleaning product) so even if you do have something lurking in your body already, ACV can help kill it before it turns into a full blown illness.


Apple cider vinegar has been shown to help the body detox and improve circulation. ACV helps bind toxins and flush them out of the body. In a world, where our bodies are bombarded by toxins and pollutants,  this is a great way to detox daily.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Worried about high blood pressure? Try adding a daily dose of apple cider vinegar to your diet.

Reduce Allergies

Whether it’s because it helps reduce sinus congestion or because it helps promote healthy gut flora, apple cider vinegar is a great way to help reduce allergies. I find that after taking it for just a few days, my allergies disappear.

Heartburn Relief

I discovered apple cider vinegars amazing heartburn relief when I was pregnant. Just one dose of ACV and my heartburn would be gone.

I know it seems like it shouldn’t work; how could acid help with heartburn but it really does. You can check out my heartburn relief post to find out more.

Helps Kill Candida

Candida is a form of yeast that can cause thrush and well as many other yeast infections. Drinking apple cider vinegar can help kill off candida.

Helps Digestion

Enzyme rich apple cider vinegar is great to help move digestion along. Taking ACV can help stir up digestive juices and break down food so that it’s easier to digest and as a bonus it can help increase nutrient absorption.