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Looking to set up your baby registry but not sure what a natural mama needs? Here’s a great list of all the natural baby registry must haves!

There are hundreds upon hundreds of lists that will tell you what you “need” on your baby registry.

Some are great, some include way too much stuff that you are likely to never need, and some just do not fit with how you want to raise your child.

Take for instance, those wanting to practice a more natural way of parenting. How about a natural baby registry?

I could go and list every single little item that should be on your baby registry but I’m going to assume you realize that baby needs some clothes, washcloths, and burp cloths. Those to me are obvious.

Of course the amount you need might vary… some lists suggest you need a large amount of baby pajamas while others (and I tend to be in this camp) suggest a more practical amount.

My suggestion is to think about how many of each essential you would go through in a week and use that number.

You’ll be doing laundry at least once a week so you’ll have clean baby clothes if you buy enough for a week.

I don’t want to clutter up my natural baby registry must haves with all the logical items so I’m going to focus on the items that you wouldn’t necessarily find on a typical baby registry list.

These are items that natural parents rave about, alternatives to mainstream baby items, or natural items that you would never even think about needing on a registry. So without further ado my natural baby registry must haves!
Looking to set up your baby registry but not sure what a natural mama needs? Here's a great list of all the natural baby registry essentials! #babyregistry #naturalbaby #greenbaby #naturalpregnancy

Natural Baby Registry Essentials


Homemade Cloth Wipe Solution


Cloth Diapers

No need to register for multiple sizes of disposable diapers! Just figure out what brand you’d like to go with and register for at least 24 cloth diapers (24 will allow you to wash every other day). Now if you want to cloth diaper from day 1, you will likely want to register for newborn cloth diapers as well as a bigger size for when baby gets out of that itty bitty stage.

Cloth Wipes

Not all natural parents go the cloth wipe route but if you are going to cloth diaper then it makes sense to use cloth wipes. It’s easy and frugal! I recommend 24-36 cloth wipes so that you have enough to last you through that every other cloth diaper washing routine.

Wet Bag/Diaper Pail Liner

No they aren’t glamorous but you will want something to store all those dirty diapers in! I love my hanging wet/dry bag from Planet Wise but a diaper pail with a wet bag liner is another great way to go. Don’t forget to register for a smaller wet bag for when you are out and about with baby!

Diaper Cream

If you are going to cloth diaper make sure you register for a cloth diaper safe diaper cream. A popular favorite is to just use coconut oil. It’s nothing fancy and there isn’t a picture of a baby on it but coconut oil is a wonderful natural diaper cream.

-Baby Gear-

How to make a stretchy wrap

Baby Carrier

Ah the baby carrier… these are on almost every registry list now but it doesn’t take from the fact that a baby carrier is a favorite of natural parents. There are many options out there so you will have to research a little bit and figure out what type of carrier you’d like to go with.

There are wraps like the Moby Wrap (which I find great for the newborn-1 month stage), slings, and soft structured carriers like the Ergo. Like I said, there are many different styles but you’ll want to register for one you can use with a newborn and will last you at least until baby is 6 months old if not longer.

Sleeping Area

This will vary even in the natural parenting circles. Some choose to have baby co-sleep in the parents’ bed (no need to register for anything with that one!), some prefer the co-sleeper or bassinet option, and others prefer a separate sleeping area such as a crib with a non-toxic mattress or pack-n-play.

Swaddling Blankets

Almost the second a baby is born then get wrapped up like a little burrito. Babies tend to like to be extra snug and secure and swaddling is a great way of achieving this. You can go with swaddling blankets, swaddle wraps, or even sleep sacks (not quite swaddling but a great way to keep baby warm without blanket hazards).


Coconut Oil

Amber Teething Necklace

This is likely to be your most “crunchy” registry item. This is the one where people will think you are crazy or just trying to play dress up with your baby.

However, as many a natural parent call attest, an amber teething necklace is a must have when it comes to dealing with teething pain. These all natural beauties can help you stay away from the usual mainstream teething pain relievers.

I like to buy my amber teething necklaces from Hazelaid.

Natural Soaps

While it might seem like there’s only one option for baby soaps, there are actually many natural versions of soaps for babies that will help keep your baby away from toxins an easy option is castile soap (there are baby versions that are more mild).

Coconut Oil

In the natural world, coconut oil is known for its many uses and it’s no different for natural babies! Coconut oil can be used for diaper cream, nipple cream, lotion, and dealing with cradle cap!

NoseFrida/Nasal Aspirator

I have yet to use a NoseFrida but they definitely seem to be a hit with natural parents. However, if the thought of a NoseFrida just doesn’t seem your thing than feel free to go with a more standard nasal aspirator (just make sure you get one that you can open up and thoroughly wash!)

Natural Laundry Detergent

A nice thing about being a natural parent is that you don’t need to worry about buying a separate “safe for baby” laundry detergent! If you are a using a natural detergent for your clothes then odds are it’s gentle enough for baby.


5 Options for When You Can't Breastfeed

Breast Pump

Unless you plan to always have baby will you, then you will likely want a breast pump. How often you will be pumping is likely to determine what type of pump you will want.

If you don’t think you will need to use pumped milk often then a manual pump might do the job, if you are going back to work or know you will want to pump frequently then opt for the good double electric pumps. Pumping takes time and you’d rather spend less time pumping and more time hanging out with your baby.

Nursing Pads

If you breastfeed, then you will likely leak. Opt for the reusable versions of nursing pads. It creates less waste and it’s more frugal.

Nipple Cream

Don’t just assume the popular brand is the best choice. It’s apparently not all that natural! Instead, you might want to register for a nipple cream from Earth Mama or just opt for coconut oil!

Nursing Pillow

It might not be essential (I didn’t have one until baby #3!) but nursing pillows definitely make the job easier! Boppy is a favorite but there are many brands out there.

Nursing Cover

Now this might be a bit controversial in natural parenting circles. Many natural mamas are all about allowing baby to eat uncovered. I understand this and am not suggesting that baby must be covered. However, many new mamas (and even veteran mamas like me) appreciate having a cover just so that you have one less thing to worry about.

Natural Baby Bottles

I thought about just writing glass baby bottles but the truth is that there are other materials being used for baby bottles now like stainless steel. I’m therefore going with “natural” baby bottles.

If you plan on pumping then you’ll need bottles (at least 1-3) but instead of going with any of the large number of plastic bottles, register for the more eco-friendly versions made from glass or stainless steel.

Sippy Cup

Baby won’t need one till later on but there’s no harm in registering for one now! Just like bottles, I’d stay away from the plastic versions and go with stainless steel or glass sippy cups.

As I said, this is by no means an exhaustive list on everything you need to put on your baby registry. You’ll still need to add things like clothes, burp clothes, diaper bag, bibs, hair brushes, etc.

This list is simply to help you remember the more “off the list” type items. Of course, babies really do not need much at all and you could get away with so much less.

Babies do not need everything under the sun. Really all they need is a way to eat, a place to sleep, clothes, and diapers (if you go the elimination communication route then they don’t even need diapers!). Hopefully this list gives you a good idea on what to add to your natural baby registry.

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