There are many reasons why we should make the switch to cleaning green. We benefit as does the environment, when we choose to naturally clean our homes. Once you realize that the usual cleaning products on the shelves are actually harming us and not really helping us, you’re likely dying to begin cleaning green!

But where to start?

Believe it or not, switching to natural cleaners is one of the easiest “green” changes you can make. It’s so easy that it’s often the first area that people choose to change. Don’t stress out about making this change. It’s easy and I’m going to share some ways to start cleaning green!

The Basic Three

There are three basic ingredients that almost all homemade natural cleaning products use. There are a few other ingredients that some people use or cleaning recipes might call for but if you want to keep things simple; you only need three.

Baking Soda, Vinegar, and Oil.

Baking Soda is your scrubber, vinegar is your grease cutter, cleaner, and disinfectant, and oil is your polisher. Armed with those three ingredients, you can clean your whole house. Bonus points for those ingredients being ridiculously inexpensive!

It’s pretty hard to go wrong when it comes to cleaning with these products. You can usually just grab your ingredient and just guess on how much of the product to use. However, if you like to have actual recipes for your cleaning products, I can help you out!

Here are some basic natural cleaning recipes as well as a few ideas on how to spring clean naturally (you know… those annoying cleaning products that you definitely only want to do once a year!)

Natural Cleaning Recipes Natural Cleaning

Wood Cleaner & Restorer

Hard Wood Cleaner – works for any flooring!

Natural Rinse Aid for Your Dishwasher

Natural Sink Cleaner – Also works for scrubbing tubs!

Natural Cleaning Tutorials

How to Naturally Clean Your Dishwasher

How to Naturally Clean Your Microwave

How to Clean Your Dryer

How to Clean Your Washing Machine

How to Naturally Clean Stove Vent Filters

This post is a part of the Going Natural – One Month at a Time. Check out the full info post to learn how you can make natural changes each month so that you are living more naturally by the end of the year!