Gardening can be an extremely beneficial hobby. Whether it is in a huge garden in your backyard or just a few plants on a windowsill, there can be a lot of joy to be obtained from maintaining greenery. Having said this, the task of watering can leave many people wishing for greener thumbs and looking for easier ways to give their plants the water they need. Irrigation can be an intimidating term, but it is simply the system that you use to make sure your plants are getting the sufficient amount of water that they need to survive. Using a system made out of a simple plastic bottle can help you keep your plants with less fuss, and all while benefiting the environment too.

Benefits of Plastic Bottle Irrigation
There are several benefits associated with plastic bottle irrigation systems that make this method something that’s definitely worth considering. For instance, it obviously helps the planet by recycling the plastic bottles, saving them from being a pollutant to the environment. This type of irrigation can also provide continuous moisture to your flowers and vegetable plants. Apart from benefiting the environment and the plant itself, this system will also reduce the amount of time that you’ll have to spend watering your plants and you’ll also use less water too.

Creating Your System
The first step in creating your very own drip irrigation system is to get a plastic bottle and thoroughly clean it so it’s free of any dirt etc. Using a two-liter soda bottle seems to work best but be sure to use one that still has a cap on it. You can start by making one to four holes in the cap of the bottle; you can do this by using a small nail and a hammer or a drill.

Always remember that the total number of holes you make in the bottle’s cap will primarily depend on the speed at which you want the water to flow out. Many holes will be essential if you want faster dripping water. The rate at which water flows will also be affected by the size of the holes that you create. After inserting the holes into the cap, take the plastic bottle and remove part of the bottom by using a knife. This will allow for the easy refilling of water into the bottle.

How to Use It
The next stage of the process is to find a free space that’s close to the plant and dig a hole that’s deep enough to bury around a third of the bottle. Place the plastic bottle in the dug hole with the cap side facing down. Always ensure that the bottle’s opening remains above the ground and the soil does not cover it. Using your hands, apply pressure to the soil around the neck of the bottle in order to secure it.


Creating your very own irrigation system is that simple! Now, all that’s left to do is to keep the bottle filled with a sufficient amount of water each day. To avoid the buildup of dirt and rubble that may cause blockages, it’s recommended that the bottle be removed and cleaned once every few weeks. This easy to make, economic, and environmentally friendly drip irrigation system is the perfect way of watering your plants while saving on time, money and effort too.

Image source:  Gorgeous Home Gardens
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