Our Curriculum 2014-2015

Our family recently started our fourth year of homeschooling! I can’t believe we have so many homeschool years under our belt already! I feel like it was just yesterday that we had our very first day of school!

One important part of getting everything ready for homeschooling is the curriculum. Obviously you need to know what books you will be using when teaching. This year, our curriculum is pretty similar to last years. There are a few changes but it all the major subjects seem to be the same.

For those of you who are curious as to how we afford all our curriculum, you’ll want to check out my post on saving money on curriculum! This year we spent just over $200 for both of my boys. Not too shabby! 

Core Curriculum
We are using Sonlight as our “core” curriculum. Sonlight is an “open and shut” curriculum, meaning that I can essentially open the book and it has all the subjects planned out for me. We do not use all that Sonlight recommends however; I have a few subjects that we do differently and therefore, we do make a few changes. As my boys are only one grade apart, we are using the same core for both of them but with their own grade level books for the subjects that need it such as math and language arts. This year we are using Sonlight’s Core D which is their Intro to American History, so we will learn about the Native Americans to America in the 1850’s. For those curious, Core D is recommended for ages 8-11. My 3nd grader is 8 and fits this recommendation fine but obviously my 7 year old who is in 2nd grade is a bit young. However as he is using the core for the subjects that are not as technical (history for example); he does fine. This is why we still get him his own level of math and language art curricula.
2nd Grade
History & Literature: Sonlight
3rd Grade
Those are our basic subjects. Other subjects such as art, health, P.E., and character building/manners I take more of an unschooling approach and just incorporate them into our lives as they fit in naturally.