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Did you know there’s a DIY that will banish a zit with just one application? Learn how to make a tea tree acne treatment for clearer skin!

No matter how old or young you are, no matter if you have great skin or not so great skin we all have to deal with acne every once in a while.

I don’t think there’s a person on this planet who is completely immune to at least one zit every now and then.

We all desire acne free skin, at least I assume we do!

This desire sends everyone buying every new face cream and zit zapper on the market in hopes for removing these annoying red blemishes.

However, sometimes it’s worth it to go back to basic, natural products.

Did you know there is one ingredient that will banish a zit with just one application?

Ok, maybe it’s not that effective 100% of the time but every time I feel or see a zit coming on, I dab some of this amazing ingredient on at bedtime and by the morning it’s gone.

Tea Tree Acne Treatment

What is this wonder product?

Tea Tree Essential Oil!

What is Tea Tree Essential Oil?

Tea Tree Essential Oil is amazing stuff. Sometimes known by it’s other name, Melaleuca essential oil.

This essential oil is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal.  It’s the perfect oil for removing bacteria, greasiness, and dirt. It’s pretty amazing stuff.

In addition to this amazing tea tree acne treatment, I also have a great tea tree facial scrub.

I also like to add Tea Tree Oil to my Oil Cleansing Method mixture. This gives me an even greater fighting chance of never seeing those pesky zits.

Tea Tree Acne Treatment

Tea Tree Acne Treatment

1 tsp jojoba oil
3 drops tea tree essential oil
1 roller bottle

Pour both ingredients into a roller bottle.
Attach roller bottle top and cap. Shake to mix well.

Apply to acne when needed.

Zit Zapper Remedy