Bentonite Clay is one of the most popular clays out there and for good reason! It can do a lot! It’s known as a healing clay and it can be used for much more than just a nice face mask.

Bentonite Clay also sometimes called Montmorillonite  is a gray clay that is prized for it’s ability to help the body detox. It helps pull toxins externally when used as a mask or in skincare products but it can also be used internally to help detox the body of heavy metals, chemicals, and impurities.

Bentonite Clay Note: Always make sure to use a reliable source when buying your bentonite clay. Also make sure that if you are taking Bentonite clay internally that you buy clay that is specifically formulated for internal use. You should also make sure to not use any metal utensils or bowls when mixing bentonite clay as this will decrease the effectiveness.

Here’s where I buy my bentonite clay. This is another good brand of bentonite clay.

Just how can we use this amazing clay? Here are just a few ways that we can put Bentonite Clay to good use!

Face Mask

It’s probably the most common way to use clay but that doesn’t make it any less amazing! Here’s my recipe for a Detoxifying Face Mask.


Add it to your deodorant recipes to help keep you dry and help you detox. Need a recipe? Check out this one!

Toothpaste/Tooth Polish

Bentonite is great for helping those teeth stay white! Here’s a simple recipe to make your own tooth polish with bentonite clay.

Itch Relief

If you are suffering from a rash or bug bites, Bentonite can give you some relief. Check out this great recipe for a homemade calamine lotion.

Bath Detox

A bath full of Bentonite is a great way of helping your body detox. Here’s a recipe for a great toxin removing bath.

Baby Powder

Commercial baby powder is full of nasty ingredients but homemade with bentonite clay is quite beneficial! Check out this easy recipe.

Drawing Salve

No not drawing like making doodles on paper. Drawing like pulling out splinters from the body or poison from insect stings. Here’s a great recipe on how to make your own drawing salve.


If you are really into making your own products, you can add bentonite clay to your mascara like in this recipe.

Detox Drink

Mix 1-2 tsp of bentonite clay into 8oz of water, let absorb for 30 minutes and drink. This can help relive digestive issues as well as help remove toxins from the body. (Make sure to only use bentonite clay that is for internal use!)


Help burns heal by applying a paste of bentonite clay to the wound and wrapping it. Change every few hours for as long as needed.

Hair Shampoo or Hair Detox

You can use bentonite clay as a shampoo replacement if you would like to give going no ‘poo a try. Not interested in using a bentonite clay shampoo all the time? Did you know that your hair likes to detox as well? It does! Here’s an easy recipe to help your hair out!

Foot Mask

Detox your body and pamper your feet at the same time. Check out this recipe to learn how.


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