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There are many different ways to have a natural childbirth. As a new mom, I did not know that when I was pregnant with my first.

I took the standard childbirth class, learned a few tricks and thought that was that. I wanted a natural birth and I’d just deal with any pain as it came.

Not, so! My first attempt at a natural childbirth with the grin and bear it method was a total fail. Don’t get me wrong, I had a decent birth and healthy baby but it wasn’t the way I wanted to give birth.

As it turns out, it really is best to have an actual method when it comes to giving birth. There are some women who can use the “grin and bear” it method but they are probably few.

If you want to go for a natural birth then you really should find a good birthing method to help you finish strong.

I and a few other bloggers will be sharing our preferred birthing methods. There is no perfect birthing method. Each woman needs a different method.

There are many ways to have a natural childbirth! That is why I asked some blogging friends to write on their favorite methods.

Ways to Have a Natural Childbirth

Natural Birth in a Birth Center
Natural Birth with a Water Birth
Natural Birth at Home
Natural Birth using the Bradley Method
Natural Birth in the Hospital
Natural Birth using Hypnosis

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