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Could You Eat Your Wall Paint? My guess is that you can’t! But if you used this paint you could! (not that you’d really want to eat paint…)

Now it’s likely that you wouldn’t want to eat paint in the first place but if you are into natural living like I am then you’d like to have paint that was so non-toxic that you could eat it if you wanted to.

The founder of ECOS Paints did just that… he ate his paint! He ate a spoonful of his paint to demonstrate just how safe ECOS Paints are!

While that is probably a bit extreme and I can’t imagine the paint tastes good, it does say a whole lot for the safety of the paint as well as just how committed this company is to keeping things non-toxic!

I recently received a gallon of ECOS Paints to test out. As I’ve mentioned, I like to keep things natural in my home and paints are no exception.

Using regular paint, can expose you and your household to toxic chemicals not just while painting but for years after the paint has dried!

Could You Eat Your Wall Paint? – You Could if You Use ECOS Paints!

Why ECOS and not just any no or low VOC paint from the hardware shop?

Believe it or not, paints that are advertised as no or low VOC are not usually telling the full truth. The EPA can let paint companies claim no VOC when there is still low levels of VOC’s in the paint.

Even paints that truly do start out as no VOC can be instantly bumped up to low or full level VOC’s when you mix in color. If you want a true no VOC paint, you have to make sure it has no VOC’s even after it has color added in.

What else makes ECOS so great?

Since ECOS already did the work of listing everything that makes them so amazing, I’m just going to share that list with you!

Committed to high quality paints & finishes without compromise:

  • 12,500 times purer than paints with less than 5gm per liter (0.5%) of VOCs (yes, more than twelve thousand times better!)
  • Ultimate Purity: VOC Free, Glycol Free, harmful Solvent Free, Odor Free
  • No dubious chemicals: EN71 compliant
  • All ingredients declared
  • Non Yellowing and Entirely Non-Toxic
  • Minimize Your Carbon Footprint : Act on CO2
  • Safe for Allergy, Asthma, Chemical Sensitivities

ECOS Contains:

  • Water, natural plus manufactured binders (all water-based, all non-toxic)
  • Pigments (yellow ochre, red ochre, various – all non toxic)
  • Mineral fillers – limestone, clays (non-toxic)
  • Thickeners & builders – wood cellulose & resinous (all non-toxic)
  • White pigment – titanium dioxide (food grade – non-toxic)
  • Levelers (all non-toxic)
  • Waxes & texture powders (all non-toxic)

ECOS Does Not Contain:

  • Solvents and white spirit, turpentine, terpenes, ethereal oils, VOC’S glycols, coalescence,
  • Animal products
  • Heavy metals, – lead, cadmium, mercury etc ECOS is EN71 compliant
  • Formaldehyde and formaldehyde donors, acrolein
  • Vinyl chloride
  • Phthalates
  • APEOs.
  • Acrylic Softeners


Sounds great but how does it really stand up?

Like I said, I had a gallon of ECOS Paints to try out.

I had to wait for a day that my husband could be around to watch the kids, not because of the fumes mind you but because a certain 1 year old would have loved to get her hands in that wet paint.

I opened the paint can – which by the way is 100% post consumer recycled and it’s 100% recyclable – and there was no over powering smell.

In fact, there was so little smell that I had people in the room just hanging out while I painted.

Nobody would ever want to just hang out in a room when it was being painted with normal paints!

It also goes on wonderfully. This is good quality paint and it shows!

You could almost get away with just one coat of paint, although you’d have to be really thorough. I opted for the standard two coats of paint and it looks amazing.
Could You Eat Your Wall Paint? - You Could if You Use ECOS Paints!
I love that I now have a room full of color and it’s all non-toxic.

I don’t have to worry about keeping the house ventilated, I don’t need to vacate the room for a week or two, and I don’t have to wonder if the paint is still off-gassing. It’s pure, natural, colorful paint.

So could you eat your wall paint? With ECOS you could… Would you? Well that depends on how crunchy you are!

Buy It: 
You can buy a wide array of paint products at ECOS Paints; interior paint, exterior paint, chalkboard paint, floor paint, and even wood stains and varnishes! A gallon of their eggshell interior paint costs just $53.95.

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