Alright ladies, let’s have a little chat. Men, you may now skip this post and move on to something else.

Once a month, we women are use products that come in contact with us very closely. You know what I’m talking about; pads and tampons. With a product coming so close to us, I would imagine we would be concerned about what that product is made out of. Now if you are like I was, you really thought about what is in pads or tampons. It’s never even bothered to cross your mind and if you do give it a few seconds of thought, you assume it’s cotton based…  I mean it seems like they are made out of cotton..

Most pads and tampons are hardly made out of anything natural!

Did you know that? It’s kind of a shock at first. The pads and tampons we used today are generally made out of synthetics like rayon.

Just what is in feminine products these days

Those panty liners are so absorb and because they contains SAPs (Super Absorbent Powders)! SAP’s is the same stuff in disposable diapers and is derived from crude oil! If you ditched disposables for your baby, you should probably think about the pads you are using every month.

Even the tampons and pads that do not include SAPs often contain wood pulp. Now I imagine as far as natural goes, wood pulp is better than SAPs but still… WOOD pulp? I personally would rather not place wood so close to my body!

These products are also often scented. Now we all like things that smell nice but products that contain fragrances can irritate your skin and synthetic fragrances are can be hormonal and reproductive toxins! It really is best to go scent free or at least stick with only natural scents if you must have something.

On top of all the synthetic ingredients, those products are also bleached. Now why we feel like everything needs to be whiter than white is probably an entirely different post but the issue here is that when these products are bleached a by-product called dioxin is left behind. Dioxin is a toxin and we, women may be exposed to it in small levels every time we use a pad or tampon that has been bleached with chlorine. Lovely…

The good news is there are alternatives! NATURAL alternatives! I’ve written about reusable options before and they are a great option. However, not everyone likes the idea of washing out their feminine products and I understand that. So how about we talk about a natural feminine line that is just like the usual tampons and pads we use every month but it’s made out of cotton… JUST cotton!What's Hiding in Your Feminine Products?

Organ(y)c is a company that keeps their products natural

  • Organ(y)c contains no synthetics, SAPs, or wood pulp.
  • Organ(y)c is only bleached in hydrogen peroxide so there’s no concern about toxins.
  • Organ(y)c is only contains one ingredient: 100% organic cotton!

Organ(y)c is actually quite a wide product line. They offer not only tampons, pads, and panty liners but they also make beauty products like cotton balls and swabs. They even have a baby product line that offers organic cotton wipes and nursing pads!

You can find Organ(y)c online through sites like amazon but here is a whole list of retailers that offer Organ(y)c.

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