We are coming to the end of our cold and flu season but people are still getting sick. I like to keep my family healthy by making use of Elderberries.

Not familiar with the benefits of Elderberries?
Helps prevent colds and flu
Immunity booster
Reduces the length of colds and flu
Kills 10 strains of influenza

Elderberries are amazing!

The most common way to take Elderberries is through Elderberry Syrup. You can buy this at the store but it will cost a small fortune with the average price being $18.00 for just 8oz!!! In a previous post, I shared how to make your own Elderberry Syrup using dried Elderberries! Homemade costs closer to $2.00 for 8oz!

Get the Most From Those Dried Elderberries!
Just that one batch of Elderberry Syrup is great and well worth the money. However, I’m a penny pincher and I like to reuse my tea bags. What does reusing tea bags have to do with Elderberries? Making Elderberry Syrup is a lot like making tea; boil water, add berries, steep, and strain.

I decided to make those dried Elderberries work even harder by reusing them in a second batch!

Now this second batch of Elderberry “Tea” (as I call it) is definitely not as potent as Elderberry Syrup. Most of the goodness of the Elderberries was used in the first batch of Elderberry Syrup. However, a second batch will still result in something worthwhile! I usually make the Elderberry Tea right after my Elderberry Syrup and let my kids drink it on a day when they do not need a strong dose of Elderberry (when we will be staying home for example and not around germs or if they are sick and need an extra pick me up).

Reusing Elderberries to Make Elderberry Tea

Elderberry “Tea” – Reusing Elderberries after a batch of Elderberry Syrup

Leftover Elderberries from making Elderberry Syrup – originally 1/2 cup dried
4 cups water
Honey or preferred sweetener – use as needed

Place used Elderberries into a pot. Add 4 cups of water and bring to a boil. Once boiling, remove from heat and let sit 10 minutes. Allow mixture to cool a bit and then strain. Add in sweetener and enjoy.

If you aren’t ready to drink your tea right away or you do not want 4 cups worth, I recommend storing  in a mason jar in the refrigerator. When you are ready for tea, just heat it back up.

Dosage: As this is nowhere near the strength of Elderberry Syrup, there really is no need for dosage. A cup a day is what we usually do.

Not sure where to buy dried Elderberries? Here is where I usually buy mine!

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