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Cleaning the grout of your tile is one of the most tedious and boring chores. Often times, you have to mix ingredients and scrub to death. However, clean grout can dramatically brighten up your kitchen or bathroom and so we clean grout

I have tried cleaning my grout before with just natural products like baking soda or dish soap. Those products worked ok and truth be told they would work in most cases just fine.

I unfortunately live in a house that is a rental and has probably seen years of non-grout cleaning tenants. Needless to say, my grout has seen better days and I thought it was a useless endeavor to try and get my grout white again.

This weekend, I decided to give cleaning my grout one more try. This time though, I tried something new. Just one ingredient. No crazy mixing or measuring even!What is that ingredient?
Dishwasher detergent!

Ok, so dishwasher detergent is actually made of many ingredients but it’s one product and I didn’t have to mix anything up.

How is THAT Natural?
This is a natural blog and I use natural products. What dishwasher detergent you use, will determine just how natural your grout cleaner is.

I have not found a homemade detergent that works for me (yet!) so currently I use Biokleen dishwasher detergent.

I know Biokleen is not perfect but it’s better than most conventional stuff and it works for me… that said, I am forever searching for a perfectly natural detergent…. but that’s a post on it’s own.

One Ingredient Grout Cleaner

One Ingredient Grout Cleaner

1 Tbs. dishwasher detergent

Start with 1 tbs of dishwasher detergent and mix with enough water to form a watery paste.
Mix it around until it’s mostly dissolved but don’t worry if you can’t dissolve it too much.

Take an old toothbrush and apply the mixture to your grout.
Let mixture sit on grout for 5-15 minutes.
After you’ve let the mixture sit, give it one good scrub with your old toothbrush and then wipe off all the detergent.

Give your tile and grout a good wipe down to fully remove the cleaner.

Notes: I used powdered detergent. However you can probably use slightly diluted liquid detergent.
I did not use gloves when I cleaned my grout but as dishwasher detergent usually contains ingredients that can be harsh on your skin, you may want to wear rubber gloves.