Vanilla extract gets all the fame and all the attention. However, there are many different extracts out there and they are all incredibly easy to make! I have already written about how to make your own vanilla extract and now I’m going to share how to make coffee extract!

Coffee extract?Yes, coffee! Considering I do not drink coffee, it might be a bit odd that I’m sharing a recipe for an extract that screams coffee. However, I do like coffee flavored foods and drinks. When it comes to coffee ice cream, frappuccinos, or baked goods coffee extract is a very useful ingredient!

When it comes to coffee ice cream, frappuccinos, or baked goods coffee extract is a very useful ingredient!

Homemade Coffee Extract

1/2 cup vodka
2 Tbs. coffee beans

Slightly crush your coffee beans. You do not need to grind them, just crush them slightly to help release the coffee flavor.
Place coffee beans into a jar and add vodka.
Place lid on jar and give it a good shake.
Store jar in a cool, dry place and wait.

Every few days, give it a shake. After 1-4 weeks, strain the coffee beans and you will have lovely coffee extract!

Note: I give the extract time as 1-4 weeks because it seems to vary. I’ve heard some people say that the coffee will turn bitter if left longer than 1 week but I’ve also heard that 4 weeks is the way to go. Honestly, with coffee it probably doesn’t matter too much because coffee is already pretty strong. I’ve only tried letting it sit for 1 week so far but my next batch I’ll let sit longer and we’ll see if there’s a difference.

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