Crunchy Cheats is an ongoing series on The Pistachio Project that will basically supply you with suggestions of better products that you can easily buy. Some of these will be products that you can buy if you are not ready to dive all the way into crunchiness and make everything yourself but some of the Crunchy Cheats will be lists of safer brands to chose from when buying products (that you couldn’t possibly make.)
Today’s Crunchy Cheat is toothbrushes
Crunchy Cheats: Toothbrushes

We all know that we need to take care of our teeth but how many of us think about the impact our toothbrush makes on this world? How many of us think about the plastic that we are putting into our mouths twice a day?! Sure, toothbrushes are not the biggest thing we could change but it’s one little difference that will hopefully add up!

Cost: $3-4 depending on where you buy.
Crunchy Cheats: Toothbrushes Perks: Handle is made from 100% recycled BPA free plastic yogurt cups. Mail-back option so you can return used toothbrushes for them to be recycled. Preserve also makes kid toothbrushes. Made in the USA.

Source by Radius
Cost: $3-4 depending on where you buy.
Perks: Handle is made of 50% recycled plastic and 50% recycled natural fibers such as dollar bills or wood. Bristles are 100% vegetable based nylon. Toothbrush is BPA free, latex free, and phthalate free. Made in the USA. Once downside is that it has a replaceable head.
Crunchy Cheats: Toothbrushes
Cost: $10
Perks: Handle is made of bamboo which is eco-friendly and biodegradable. The high price is because when you buy one Bogobrush, the company sends another off to someone in need.

Crunchy Cheats: Toothbrushes Izola
Cost: $3-4 depending on where you buy.
Perks: Handle is made from renewable bamboo. Handles are marked with fun wording such as contemplative words, numbers, and even months of the year so you know when to get a new brush.

Cost: $4-5 depending on where you buy.
Crunchy Cheats: Toothbrushes Perks: Handle is made from eco-friendly wood and has natural bristles so no plastic will enter your mouth.

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