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I recently came across this quote and I find myself thinking about it often lately…

  • I look at another family and think that their children are just so much better behaved than mine. Compared to their kids, mine are monsters.
  • I follow a real food blogger and see all their posts on soaking grains and fermenting foods. I then, look around my kitchen and see the all purpose flour and see that yogurt is the most fermented thing I’ve tried.
  • I go to the grocery store and I settle for those organic but not pasture grazing perfect eggs, there are some things in my cart that are not even organic!
  • My kids have already tasted fast food like McDonalds and even worse, it’s not a “forbidden food”.
  • When it comes to attachment parenting, I am NOT a poster mom. For that matter, I’m hardly a poster mom for a very loving, sympathetic mom. (Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids… it’s just not my personality to be very sympathetic…)

I know I’ve often felt that I’m nowhere near as natural as I should be. I read other natural bloggers and  see other crunchy friends and think that I’m just so far away from what they are.

I’m not alone in this thinking either. All of us are so quick to see how “perfect” everyone else is and to see all of our flaws.

However, as this quote and my husband reminds me… We only get to see everyone’s “highlights”, we aren’t seeing behind their closed doors.

  • That family with the “perfect” kids… they probably had a tantrum once they got home.
  • That real food blogger with all their fermented food… there’s probably a candy bar somewhere in the house.
  • Those not amazingly perfect eggs I buy? Hey, at least they are organic now! I’ve come a long ways!
  • My kids knowing what McDonalds tastes like…yeah, I’m not thrilled but just the other day they were saying they wanted fruit instead of candy for snack.
  • I’m not a perfect mom…but I’m still strive to be better and I love my kids.

If you feel like everyone is more natural than you. It’s okay. Odds are they aren’t perfect either and as long as you keep trying, that’s all that’s needed. As I’ve always said, being crunchy or natural isn’t instantaneous and it’s never finished… it’s a journey.