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Have you ever wished there was an easy way to enhance the color of your hair everyday? Something that didn’t involved leaving on hair dye or tint for hours? What if I told you that I have found a solution with an herbal color enhancing hair spray?

I’ve been making my own hair spray for years now. I ditched the commercial chemical laden hair sprays a long time ago. I wanted something healthier for my hair.

That recipe on its own is great. It works just as well as the store bought stuff, costs pennies to make, and it doesn’t have any crazy ingredients!

I had heard about using herbs or teas to dye your hair and so I decided to combine the idea of herb dying with hair spray. It’s a great idea! I use hair spray almost every day on my hair and with the help of the herbs, I can give my hair a slow and subtle boost in color.

Now this is only going to enhance your hair color. It won’t drastically change your hair color. It also won’t instantly change your hair color. It’s a slow enhancement. I think it was 2-4 weeks before I really noticed that my hair was a different color.

Nonetheless, this is a great way to slowly tweak your hair color or to help maintain a hair dye.

Not sure you want to go out and buy a bunch of herbs?
That’s ok! This herbal color enhancing hair spray can also be made with tea bags!!!

If you want an extra way to enhance your hair color, then make sure to swap out your conditioner for one of my herbal vinegar hair rinses!

Herbal Color Enhancing Hair Spray - I use hair spray almost every day on my hair and with the help of herbs, I can give my hair a slow and subtle boost in color. #hairspray #hair #herbal #colorenhancing

Herbal Color Enhancing Hair Spray

Hair Spray for Blondes

1/2 cup water
1 Tbs chamomile or calendula or 1 chamomile tea bag
2 tsp. sugar

Hair Spray for Brunettes

1/2 cup water
1 Tbs nettle or black tea or 1 black tea bag
2 tsp. sugar

Hair Spray for Red Heads

1/2 cup water
1 Tbs hibiscus or 1 rooibos tea bag
2 tsp. sugar


Heat water to boiling. Add herbs or tea bag and steep at least 15 minutes.
Remove herbs/tea bag and mix sugar into the still hot tea. Stir till fully dissolved.
Once the liquid has cooled, pour into a spray bottle.

Use as you would normally use hair spray and replace once it starts looking strange (as there is no preservative it will not last too long. Store in the refrigerator to get a bit longer of a shelf life.)

This hair spray works great. If for some reasons you feel like you need a stronger hold, simply increase the amount of sugar. If you need less hold, then decrease the sugar.


One warning, this is essentially sugar water. While I’ve never had an issue with bees (and I’ve walked right through a buzzing field with this stuff on my hair before!) those with severe bee allergies may want to err on the side of caution.