We love canning jars in our house. They are used for storing foods, of course but we also use them for drinking our smoothies. My older kids and myself can manage just fine with our straws in a canning/mason jar. We do not need a lid for security and we do not spill. However, my 2 year old is not ready for that. She would most likely spill without a lid to keep her smoothie where it belongs.

Previously, I’ve had to rely on plastic options. I do not like using plastic. I avoid it as much as possible, so having my daughter drink her smoothie out of a plastic cup every single day was not what I wanted. I wanted her to use a canning jar like the rest of us but I knew she’s need a lid and a lid that would work with a straw.

Now there are lots of lids out there that you can buy for mason jars. However, I’ve just never gotten around to buying one and I am unsure if they will fit our slightly larger glass straws. There are also plenty of DIY straw lids for canning jars but they all required drilling a hole and buying grommets. Once again, I’ve never gotten around to it and I’ve got this weird thought that eventually that technique might rust. So we’ve continued to rely on plastic. In fact, my daughter has been using old frappaccino cups because those lids work perfectly with our straw and the plastic holds up well. (I’m talking about the flat lids, not the dome lids… I get my frappaccinos without whipped cream… and yes there is my crunchy confession for the day; I drink frappaccinos full of who knows what)

Now as I mentioned, I do not like plastic and that is what those cups are made out of. Granted they are made out of a safer plastic but it’s plastic nonetheless. As I contemplated on how to ditch the plastic cup, I realized that I could convert the lid to fit the canning jar. Yes the lid is still plastic but that is not touching the smoothie so it’s a hundred times better and it’s free!DIY Straw Lid

It’s a really simply process, one that hardly needs a tutorial but I’m sharing it with you just in case you are like me and want a solution for a lid to a canning jar that will work with a lid.

DIY Straw Lid for Canning Jar

1 clean flat beverage lid (such as a frappaccino/ice tea/soda lid…other types may work too but I’ve not tried them)
1 canning jar
1 canning jar lid and band


Take your beverage lid and place the canning jar lid on top of it. Use that canning jar lid as your template to trace and cup the beverage lid down to the correct size. My lid is currently cut to fit a wide-mouth canning jar but it can easily be cut to fit the regular size as well.

Once you have cut the beverage lid, simply place it into the canning jar band and screw onto your canning jar. Voila! You now have a great canning jar lid that will work with straws!