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I’m going to start of by saying that my kids do not go to school; they are homeschooled. I could give you the ways that we bring a natural lifestyle into our school but come on… that’s just really our natural life in our home.

I can’t really give you any great tips on eco-friendly lunch ideas, ways to reduce toxins in the classroom, or natural alternatives for school supplies.

I can talk about how we keep our immune systems working once the school season starts because let’s face it, with school comes germs.

It doesn’t even matter that my kids are homeschooled because they still interact with other children and once school starts the germs are shared like crazy.

With that in mind, here is how we boost our immunity during the school year.

Boosting Immunity During the School Year

Boosting Immunity During the School Year

Elderberry Syrup
This is such a great way to prevent colds and the flu. Elderberry is better at protecting against the flu than even the vaccine! As a bonus, it’s also great for treating colds and the flu if you do happen to get sick. We make our own which also means it doesn’t cost a lot!

Vitamin D
Once school starts, the sun begins to shine a little less and thus our Vitamin D levels start dropping. To make up for this, we take our Vitamin D in supplement form to help keep our immunity high.

A healthy gut means a healthy immune system.While I haven’t gone all in and bought probiotic supplements (those are pricey with four kids!), we do have our homemade yogurt every day.

Less Sugar
Sugar suppresses the immune system and thus makes us susceptible to getting sick. This is why it makes so much sense that we get sick during that holiday baking season! In order to keep our immune systems where they should be, we try to avoid sugar and refined grains as much as possible.

I’m sure there are few other ways we stay healthy when the school year comes around but these are some of our main ones.

What natural ways do YOU stay healthy during the school year?