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The following is a guest post from Jessica.

My daughter was born March 31, 2013. I had been telling my husband the WHOLE time I was pregnant with her that I would do whatever I could to make breastfeeding a success. I tried & tried with my boys, but it just didn’t work.

Now with my oldest son, I breastfed him for about 3 weeks. The pain was absolutely horrible & I just couldn’t handle it. He wouldn’t latch! I went to the local health department, which is where the only lactation consultants are around here, for help.

They wouldn’t help me with my latch, only told me what to do. It just wasn’t helping! I finally went to formula. With my youngest son, I went straight to formula.

I had it in my mind that I would successfully breastfeed my daughter for a year! We are 4 months old now & she is still going strong!

Below are some things I have learned about being a first (and last) time breastfeeding mom, since she’ll be our last child!

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Tips From a First Time Breastfeeding Mom

  • Don’t watch the clock!
    Don’t time how often your baby nurses, but feed them when they are hungry! I don’t nurse her every 2 hours, nor have did I when she was a newborn. I am a nurse on demand mom!
  • Make sure your baby’s mouth covers a large part of the underside of your nipple!
    I did a lot of research this time around and I learned that most likely with my oldest son, he wasn’t getting enough of me in his mouth! This could lessen the pain, tremendously!
  • I used lanolin cream on my nipples.
    For the first 3 weeks or so, I used lanolin cream and have never experienced any kind of cracking or bleeding while first starting out!
  • Don’t wash your nipples with soap.
    Washing your nipples with soap could dry them out! If you do, and you notice they start getting dry, put breastmilk on them.
  • Don’t be alarmed if you get pains in your breasts.
    This occurs for me when I get a let down.
  • Try different positions in order to get your breasts empty!
    One of the best positions that works for my daughter & I is laying down in the bed! (We cosleep, so this also makes things a lot easier at night!)
  • DO NOT FEEL BAD if you have to supplement with formula!
    Yes, I might be all about breastfeeding, but I am so NOT against formula!
  • One thing that I have not mastered, and most likely never will, is nursing in public! I have a nursing cover, but my daughter is getting to the stage where she is kicking & wanting to move everywhere & become more active while nursing!

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