I’ll be honest, I never really think about what I’m doing as sustainable. As shocking as it might be, I’ve never been a “Save the Earth”type girl. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great thing but for me, saving the Earth is a bonus to being crunchy. When this carnival came up, I really didn’t know what to write about. The word sustainable conjures up images of gray water, large gardens, and homesteading to me. My family does not have any of that and so I felt like I had nothing to write about.

But I kept thinking… sustainability can mean big things like farming and alternative energy sources but there are plenty of other smaller ways you can be sustainable. It took a little bit of thought but I thought I’d share the smaller ways my family lives sustainably.

Reusable Grocery Bags – Ok so sometimes we use paper bags but we do reuse those for our recycling “container”. Nonetheless, less plastic bags used is a way to live sustainably.

No Plastic – I avoid plastic in our home for many reasons, mostly the toxicity. However, by avoiding plastics, produce less waste and instead choose reusable items like glass.

Ditched the Paper Products – The only paper product (outside of writing paper) that we use in our house is toilet paper. We do not buy paper towels, napkins, paper plates, etc. Quite honestly, it’s a waste of money to me. I have more important things to buy than some piece of paper that will be used for one second.

Real Food – We eat real food. Not always, we aren’t perfect but probably a good 90% is real food. By eating real food we do not support things like pesticides, artificial chemicals, etc.

Natural Cleaners – I stopped using commercial cleaners a long time ago because of their toxic effects on our family and the cost. Natural cleaners also mean you are not helping commercial cleaner companies dump their toxic chemicals into our world.

I’m sure I’m leaving out plenty of other ways that we live sustainably but this is a good starting list.

What ways do YOU live sustainably?