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If you are like me, you are on a constant mission to use less plastic. Sometimes it’s easy, like switching to alternative water bottles but other times you feel like there’s just not much else but plastic.

I’ve been using a plastic spray bottle for my cleaning since the beginning of my crunchy journey. It’s not like glass spray bottles are common and even if you can find one, they are not cheap.

As we aren’t drinking the cleaning solutions, I’m not really worried if it gets chemicals leached into it…at least not too much.

I am spraying it into the air we breathe so it’s not like it’s completely harmless. I also generally do not use essential oils in my spray bottle so I wasn’t worried about the essential oils and plastic having issues.

However, like I said I’m on a mission to reduce the amount of plastic in our house. When I found out I could make my own glass spray bottle, I was thrilled.

What an easy solution and it was free! The hardest part about it was waiting until we went through our 32 oz bottle of apple cider vinegar.


DIY Glass Spray Bottle

Items Needed

1 glass bottle big enough to fit your nozzle (I used my Braggs apple cider vinegar bottle but many glass bottles have the same size mouth that will fit the nozzle)
1 nozzle attachment

Simply fill up your glass bottle with whatever cleaning solution you would normally use in a spray bottle.
(I use it for my all purpose cleaner.) Then screw on the nozzle attachment.

Simple! You now have a glass spray bottle and it didn’t cost you anything!