I suppose that title is shocking. A naturally minded family not celebrating Earth Day just seems odd. Don’t worry; I have a good reason for not celebrating Earth Day and I’m going to share it with you.

You see, for so many people in this world Earth Day is that one day a year where they make sure to recycle, they go outside and plant a tree, they think about buying a reusable product instead of a disposable one. All that is great of course but the problem is that for most people, Earth Day is the only day they actually make any effort to be eco-friendly.

For those who are making the effort to be “green”, everyday should be earth day. This my friends, is why my family does not celebrate earth. I would rather my family learn to be eco-conscious for 365 days a year, rather then having one “earth” themed party once a year.

Instead of planting a tree once a year, my family decides to not buy paper products.

We use cloth wipes, cloth diapers, and towels as oppose to buying the paper versions, which of course, is made from trees.


Instead of recycling every now and then, we make sure to recycle all the time (although our city makes sure we do this by giving us itty bitty trash cans so we have to recycle or we will have no room for our actual trash.)

We also make sure to buy our products in containers that are more eco-friendly such as glass instead of plastic or cans.

We buy organic because not only do we want to avoid the pesticides but we also want to show food companies that we prefer our food toxin free and so does the earth.

We buy or make natural products such as toothpaste because we don’t want toxic ingredients on our bodies or in our water.

So you see, for my family, every day is Earth Day. Every day I can teach my children why we live the way we do. I don’t need to wait for one certain day to come around in order to be eco-friendly.