I was talking to a fellow crunchy blogger once about how living a natural life is a progress. It’s not an instantaneous change over night. She said something that has stuck with me, “We move forward so we do not become stagnant and die”

You see if we do not ask questions then nothing changes. Change happens to be a good thing although most of us feel like it is not. Sure there are times when change is bad; I could point to a lot of modern developments and tell you how they’ve actually made our lives worse. However, without change we would also be living in times without all the advances we have today.

Change is not only important for the world as a whole but it’s also important for us individually. If we find ourselves completely comfortable in our lifestyle than we are subject to missing out on a way of better living; whether that be easier living such filtered water or healthier living such as learning about toxins in products we use.


Yes, questioning and researching can be scary. Nobody likes to hear that what they once thought was safe is actually harming them. Nobody wants to figure out what they need to replace an old stand-by product with so that they can avoid toxins.

But you know what? That change is worth it.

The hard and scary things in our lives are some of the greatest things we can do. Branching off from the mainstream world in order to avoid some toxins or be eco-friendly will be worth it. Perhaps you will cure some health issues you’ve been dealing with, perhaps you will save money buy switching to reusable products, perhaps you will prevent yourself from having cancer although you will probably never know that happened.

I don’t know about you but knowing that I can actually make a change makes all the researching and questioning worth it. I don’t want to be comfortable with my lifestyle. I want to be able to question things and either discover that something should change or that what I am doing is currently fine.

Which brings me to another point, moving forward in a crunchy lifestyle doesn’t mean that you find the “better” way of doing something and that’s that. Nope, you don’t get to put your researching on the shelf after finding a healthy way of doing things. Take for instance, cleaning products. I could have switched to a natural laundry detergent, seen that it was much safer than my old stuff and called it good. That however is not what I did. I kept my ear to the ground (okay, I kept my eye on my crunchy news feed) and I learned that while my new detergent was definitely better; it was far from perfect. Off to do more researching I went.

I suppose this has become a bit of a rambling post. I apologize. I seem to do that with the more philosophical posts. My point in all this is that if we do not research and question things than we get comfortable and then we allow things to happen that did not need to (I won’t go so far as to say we’ll die but we certainly won’t be living better). If we press on and make the effort to change than we grow. Being crunchy is not something that you get to suddenly be overnight; it’s a process. It’s a journey that will never be finished either; nobody is ever 100% crunchy.

So what will it be? Will you take the scary path of being crunchy with researching, questioning, and changing? Will you move forward so that you can grow?